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Basic indications:

Date written:October 19, 2005
Date received:October 19, 2005
Date published:November 14, 2005
Date of sighting:January 1992
Place of sighting:Argentina, Plaza Huincul
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address, name of witness 2.
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: Testimony
Date: October 19, 2005
From: [Firstname]@[Name].com
File: Ovni92.doc (34304 bytes)

Dear Sir,

By chance I encountered your bage on the web, in which I could read several testimonies.

I wanted to share a fact of which I was the witness several years ago and I attach for you a relation of the facts in the most objective possible way. Please excuse the possible ortographic errors.


[Firsname] [Name]

October 2005

The attached file is the following text:
Argentina, summer 1992 (January)

Frenchman, 48 years old at the time, oil Engineer, Manager of an oil service company at this same time, I was witness, with one of my colleagues, of two facts that I think are rellated, of which the first is undoubtedly more impresive.

With an Argentinian colleague, Jorge [Name], (real name) we moved in a vehicle of the company (Ford Pick up) after midday – 14 hours approximately from Neuquen (Province of Neuquen), close to the beginnings of the Andes range, to Plaza Huincul, a small city and oil operational center, located at approximately 160 km of Neuquen, in dirección of the Andes (West – East road). Jorge was driving. We knew the road very well because we traveled there several times per month, during seviral years.

The road is straight, in a semi desertic landscape; strong heat at that time of the year but bearable however. The sky was blue with very few clouds.

Driving towards the South during about fifty kilometres, we turned towards the east, towards Plaza Huincul which road is a long black ribbon which is seen up to the horizon. We were alone and no visible vehicle in front of or behind ours. We had no cameras.

1st fact: Suddenly, appearing on the horizon, facing us (appeared, that is we did not see it creating... blue and clear sky and suddenly in the sky materialise) an « immense cloud » in the form of an exclamation point, which point almost touched the ground and the higher part was was several kilometres in the sky. This « cloud » of which the inside part was blue (sky blue) seemed a « writing » as certain advertising planes produce in the sky. Puzzled, I asked Jorge if he saw it like I did, this strange appearance. It answered to me in the affirmative. I then thought that it may be an advertising slogan drawn by a plane... However 1) we would have to see the formation of this gigantic « cloud » and it was not the case and no plane was visible. 2) with its dimensions, the base of this cloud, because of the wind, should have to move or fray before a plane could reach the top of its drawing!

I shared these considerations to Jorge which thought of same.

After some 3 to 4 minutes, and at the lower base of the « cloud », an extremement brilliant light appeared, visible like a strong star (Venus for example) in the horizon, at ground level. This sudden and new appearance astonished us more and appeared nonnatural. Once again I asked Jorge if he saw this enormous exclamation point with the inferior luminous point. Affirmative!

This unexplainable appearance lasted 2 to 3 minutes and suddenly DISAPPEARED. « Cloud » and « star » disappeared. No fraying... no movement due to a breeze. Pure and simple disappearance and again clear sky!!

I was more nervous than intrigued, while Jorge did not seem to have emotional reactions.

2nd fact: Hardly had the «exclamation point» disappeared, appeared this time on our left (southern) a gigantic disc of obscure color, surrounded by a halation of orange light. I asked Jorge to stop the vehicle and we went out to see this phenomenon.

This disc, of which we could not estimate the height, and whose diameter was about twice the apparent diameter of the moon, slipped without noise to our left (southern), passed above our heads and continued towards our line (northern), that is to say parralel to the beginning of the Andes. No noise. Rather slow speed.

We remained there to contemplate the disc during a few good five minutes, until its disappearance in the North.

Without any doubts, it was a UFO, and Jorge commented to me that he was «accustomed» to see this kind of phenomene, as he was an inhabitant of the area.

Arrived downtown, I phoned my wife in Buenos Aires, to comment on these strange visions to her. She commented on me that, at this same moment, Argentinian television mentioned the passage of an UFO in beginnings of the Andes!

It was indeed an UFO, therefore. However it is obvious to me, that the first fact is related to the segond. A « message »? I read several books on this UFO phenomenon and I know several people having had this experience. But I n'ever read or heard a testimony of an occurrence like the first described here.

2005, that is 13 years after this experience, I continue has to ask myself about these appearances.

[Firstname] [Name]

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