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Date writtenSeptember 26, 2005
Date receivedSeptember 26, 2005
Date publishedOctober 5, 2005
Date of sightingFebruary 1995
Place of sightingCanada, 400 km north of Matagami
Original language of reportFrench
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationName, firstname, email address, current location
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for

Subject: Weird
Date: September 26, 2005
From: [eMail]


My name is [Firstname] [Name], at the time of this sighting I lived in Vald'or in Abitibi. Now I live in [Town] in the Western north of Ontario.

I am a diamond propector and that consists in drilling hole to find minerals. At the time there as much exploration there in James Bay.

We are in 1995 during the winter (February I believe). We are approximately 400 km in the North of Matagami on the road of James Bay, from there we went approximately 20 km in the wood and a temporary camp (kitchen dormitory...) had been established for work. We were close to a lake but I don't remember its name anymore.

So we had worked in this sector for some month day and night. It should be specified that we didn't work in the camp but in a range of approximately 9km around the camp. We travels from the camp to the drilling machine in ski-doo or Muskeg (caterpillar vehicle). We move the drilling machine approximately every 2 days with a bulldozer.

A geologist predetermines the site of the holes.

We work in team of 2.

The vegetation is limited to some small island of small virginal but the place is in fact a gross swonpe several square km.

At the time of the observation I am of night shift and I must move the machine. Beforehand we must prepare it by removing the stems from the hole in addition finish other things (details of no importance)

My companion tells me that he saw the geologist in ski-doo behind the drilling machine at approximately 500m wandering in a sector where there is small virginal (he had seen a light). It did not really make much sense but well we don't pay much attention and continue our work. Then he sees the light again but at a very different other place (approximately 180 degree). This time I see the light and I totally realize that its not at all a ski-doo. It was a white light but without projection beam, more like a bulb.

I shut the light of the drilling machine down for better seeing and surprise: I estimate the distance as approximately a km, there was a gleam, a little like a hallo of light of a city but smaller. One could detected small lights which moved in the hallo and beyond (approximately 8-10 small lights).

That's when we started to ''freak out'' and I turned off the engine of the drilling machine to listen. No sound. We looked at it while illiminating all the possibility to come to the conclusion that its was to be something ''else''.

The next hole was in the direction of the light and I must say that I did not feel a very brave man but finally I resign myself to go there. Therefore I attach the drilling machine to the bulldozer and I start to advance towards the lights. With the light of the tractor on I cannot see the lights, therefore I shut the light of the tractor down every 30 seconds to see what occurs. Suddenly nothing anymore. I stop the tractor and climb on the hood to scan the horizon.

That's where our suspicion of an extraterestrial presence confirmed. The hallo had come behind me at approximately the same distance (thus a travel of approximately 2 km).

We observed during more than one hour. Finally we finished our work and at dawn the lights had disappeared.

Of return at the camp we tell our experience to the other guy and the geologist. With the map we check if a road goes through in this area (although we know very well that there isn't). Nothing, we are completely isolated at 20 km from the nearest road. No communication tower either. We went through re-examining all the posibilities without finding anything. As you can suspect the others are to make fun of us and jokes such as ''drugs not allowed at work'' came out. But I felt that they believed us without wanting to admit it for they saw well that we were disturbed.

We observed these lights again during 3 evenings. The third evening I got decided and wanted to have the last word of it. I said to myself that if they wanted to do something to us nothing prevented it anyway.

I took a ski-doo and I rushed towards the lights. Once again they disappeared and changed place. I did not see them changing place because of the light of the ski-doo.

I took some markings and the following day I returned there where the lights were, it was easy to explore and see broad because od the sparse vegetation. Nothing except that they were close to the next hole. It should be known that the geologist marks the next holes with pickets and one can see the trace of his steps and his ski-doo. We started to explore the surroundings there where we had seen the lights and they seemed to follow the traces of the geologist.

People of the camp are still unconvinced although the details we tell makes them wonder.

The next day there is a change of personel. The guy of day shifts go home, 2 new guy are coming for the night and me and my companion shift to day work. We make an agreement to not tell anything to them "to check". At their first nightshift they come back frightened throwing their lunchbox and hat and said that there were flying saucers in the area.

From then on the other guys of the camp started to freak out too. The experience of the 2 new guys was different. The light was very close, at approximately 200 m (above the picket of the next hole). There was no hallo but many distinctive lights of white blue and red colors. They really were afraid and wanted to quit the camp. On the other hand they had the courage to go to see the lights with the ski-doo as I had done. Same result, the light left and no trace (other that that of the geologist) was to find.

That was the last sighting.

Quand je suis sorti du bois j'ai arrêter à un truck stop sur la route de la Baie James et après beaucoup d'hésitation j'ai osé en parler à la serveuse en lui demandant si elle avait déjas entendu parler d'observation du genre. Elle m'a dit que plusieurs cammioneur lui avait raporter des choses semblable. When I left wood the I stopped at a truck station on the road of the James Bay and after much hesitation I dared to speak to the waitress about it by asking her whether she had already heard speak about sighting of this sort. She told me that several truckdrivers had reported similar things to her.

Thanks for having read

[Firstname] [Name]

PS I am currently in [another country], in another camp for the same work.

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