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Basic indications:

Date written:October 19, 2005
Date received:October 19, 2005
Date published:November 14, 2005
Date of sighting:End of 1991
Place of sighting:France, Le Vésinet
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: ennormous black thing
Date: October 19, 2005
From: [firstname-name]

it's been a while that I keep this for myself ,for fear that people think i am insane, it was in 1991 in year end period I do not recall the exact date, but the radio alked about it the next day it made me shiver and I have cried while telling my mother and my sister that I had seen UFOs like they saidon the radio (skyrock or energie) I was aged 17 at that time, when I returned from work which was in Le vésinet (78), I had a cassette player on the ears and my thing is to look at the stars to spot the satelites as my grandfather showed me And there, looking up towards the sky I saw lights, not randomlöy spread, neatly arranged in triangle (not completely) it was not closed other lights continued like forming a constellation sideways but well in order. at the end of this black mass (huge) a very large laser estimated 200 meters length at least. all the lights were steady nonblinking as well as the laser.

I cannot juge on the size of this thing for it appeared to me close (1km) above but maybe more and were spread out several football field .i withdrew my headphones of the ears and I did not hear anything at all and not wind either it did not rain it was at night the difficulty to evaluate its shape and its distance it was towards 07:00 , 07:30 p.m. I remember that for I left a 7 and arrived shortly afterwards. Not a noise total silence and that gently moved i observed it during at least 5 good minutes. I sought if I did not see people to observe this thing,but as usual when a thing like this happens to you you are the only one to see it that's frustrating.i hesitated to go tell this to the authority (gendarmerie) but I was afraid of the ridicule.I could make a drawing to you if you ask me to I remember it as if it were yesterday.

ps: two years ago also in the winter, we were at friends', i was talking with my friend [Female] outside and as usual the nose in the air, there I saw two luminous balls which crossed their paths at full speed in all the directions as if they played running after one another they were so fast that it made kinds of yellow orange colored trails (like the small roman candles or Christmas trees or birthday which make sparks and one has fun in writing very fast) Weel it's the same here except that it did not make a spark. the day I don't remember anymore but it had snowd that evening there on bezon and in the surroundings. duration of the observation less than one minute and my friend saw only the end of this crazy dance. that it, oh, the height: 2 or three kms aboveheads.

That's it I shared it and it's good to tell about it. Thanks. The email address is in the name of my friend.

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