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Basic indications:

Date written:August 18, 2006
Date received:August 18, 2006
Date published:September 5, 2006
Date of sighting:August 5, 2006
Place of sighting:France, A55 highway, aire de la Nerthe.
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, friend's firstname, email address, commercial source of maps
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: ufo sighting
Date: August 18, 2006
From: [firstname].[name]
aAttached files: rapport_ovni.doc (716K) localisation_ovni_1.JPG (86K)localisation_ovni_2.JPG (135K)localisation_ovni_3.JPG (145K)localisation_ovni_4.JPG (153K)localisation_ovni_5.JPG (150K)

Hello Mr Patrick Goss

I saw 3 UFO one after the other in the evening of Saturday August 5, 2006 with one of my friends. I have the feeling that our observation is interesting because we were at close range and far from being the only witnesses.

I thus send you a detailed report our adventure as attachment as well as photographs extracted from [commercial source]. I encourage you to forward my email address to all the interréssées people. I am aware that my report might be a little long this is why I authorize you to shorten it if that poses a publishing problem. Finally I congratulate you to forbid yourself to earn money with your site (there are truths that have too much importance to be deformed by selling them)

A big Thank you to you. Greetings

[Firstname] [Name]

The arrached report:

Saturday, August 5, 2006

I went to see my friend [firstname of the friend] who lives in Marseilles (13 – Bouches du Rhones). We went to spend a few hours at the sea close to Sausset-les-Pins (in the west of Marseilles). We returned rather late: indeed it was approximately 10:30 p.m. when we took the A55 motorway in the direction to Marseilles. It was thus completely in the night but the moon, 3/4 full, let us distinguish the reliefs. In spite of the hour, the traffic was very dense. We did not have a camera. 11 p.m.: [firstname of the friend] was driving when suddenly, at the end of a straight line (exactly 800m after the service area of la Nerthe), an enormous light draws our attention. At this precise time it is within approximately 500m from us. It was on the left edge of the motorway and illuminated all the neighbourhood what made us initially think of the giant lighting of an industrial complex or something of this kind (the same kind of spot which illuminates a stadium but it is alone and is not especially tilted towards the opposite of the motorway). I say to [firstname of the friend]: "one would say it's a UFO" jokingly. While continuing to advance we understand that something is abnormal... this light is supernatural. We do not take your sight away from the object. It has an oval shape and does not move. It is positioned perpendicularly compared to the motorway. At this time, we believe to see the form of a Zeppelin. [First name of the friend] starts to slow down and we pass besides it at slow speed in total amazement. The light is white-yellow (can be somewhat bluish also). At this level we are within 20m of it. We are so close that I distinguish its metallic structure. There are irregularities on its surface and many red and yellow 'leds'. If there had been bolts on it, I would have seen them!! In panic we stop too late on the emergency strip and trees hide it it from us (strangely, when considering its distance compared to the ground, we noted thereafter that they were the only trees on several kilometers high enough to hide it). To drive in back gear on the emergency strip appears dangerous to us, so we advance in the hope to exceed the trees which obstruct the view but we do not see anything any more. That's the point when we cruelly lacked common sense: instead of getting out of the car to return to see it, we precipitately decide to get on the motorway and to leave it as soon as possible to make a half-turn and to go back to see it vain

Our estimates afterwards result in thinking that the object was of:

  • 10 m long
  • 5 m large
  • 3 m in height
  • was positioned 10 m above the ground.

The object seemed to have protuberances (like small round 'wings') but those were not easily visible owing to the fact that they did not emit a light contrary to the 'body' of the object.

Excited by this experience, we decided to stay in the neighbourhoods to try to see the object again but we are not too much optimistic. However approximately 30 min later, a square object (4 lights on the whole, one at each of its corners) flies over the motorway very close to the place where we observed the first. It is much higher than the 1st object and fly in the South-eastern direction (it seems to me). It flies slowly; we can observe it during a certain time then it disappears behind the hill. That motivates us and we continue to scan the sky like we did since the first appearance. At the end of little time our attention is drawn by a light in the sky (above Marignane). We park ourselves a few hundreds of meters before the parking of la Nerthe. The light is similar to a star but illuminates much more and its light is yellow, which makes us say that it is strange. During 2 min we observe it but the light does not seem to move. We then take time to compare our impressions on all that occurred. One minute after we looked again at the light and not doubt: it had moved. [First name of the friend ] says : "it comes towards us" and I answers: "stop hallucinating". And indeed it approaches. We leave the car. Then the light which made us think of a star disappears and we believe to see a plane (from the front). The object goes slowly and ended up gently passing very slowly above our heads so that we have all the time to observe it! It flies towards the south (towards the sea). It resembles the previous object: it had 4 lights laid out in square but this time we distinguish 'wings' (the object makes think of a top secret military plane). It flies with the 'point' ahead (like a rhombus) contrary to the other which (according to [Firstname of the friend], I do not remember) flew 'face' ahead (like a square). But especially, it just passes above our heads (maybe at 80 meters, not more than 100 meters) and there is NOT a NOISE! The object could be that which we saw previously but it goes appreciably in the same direction and we did not see the other passed by again (although we did not leave the sky out of our sight).

The next day we went back on the location with the intention to get an idea of the landscape. We walked until the first site of observation but we did not find any physical trace (that was just in case the object would have been posed). Around the site there are fruit trees and greenhouses.

For information, from our points of observation, we distinguish the airport of Marignane (which already had puzzling phenomena in the past). The motorway is located at the south of the pond of Berre, around which there are 5 airports. Among these sites is the military base of Istres which is used to store nuclear missiles (a certain number of UFO observations are said to have occurred near site of nuclear storage or production according to what I read recently) and the school of military aviation of Salon de Provence. The aerial photographs joined with the report bring some precise details. Our first observation took place at a distance of 6km of the airport of Marignane very precisely in the axis of the track. At a distance from 6km in the opposite direction one finds the sea and this direction is the closest to reach in straight line. The nearest house is located at 200m of the observation. Other houses are much farther. We noted the presence of horses near the site.

I am 23. I have make 4 years of higher scientific studies (including 2 years of preparatory classes at the high schools) and I am currently a laboratory technician. I never had hallucination (even by taking drug). I recognize that I did not doubt the existence of UFOs before this experience (I saw a triangle flying and disappearing on December 21 2005 above Salon de Provence which is not very far from Marignane by the way) but that is not really the case with [first name of the friend] (sudent engineer currently in training course with Eurocopter) even if 2 weeks before his brother had seen something weird on the same road. The same evening, [first name of the friend] and me each made a drawing of our first observation and the proportions which we allotted to the object are identical.

My feeling on all this story, and that engages only me, it is that the first object was probably of extraterrestrial origin. Both 'airplanes' seen afterwards would then be military aircraft (even if the total absence of noise is strange all the same) alerted by the control tower of Marignane (the first object was well located in the principal aerial lane).

Lastly, what saddens me the most is that even if the UFO remained at the edge of the motorway only during the 20 seconds where we saw it (it could very well have stayed longer), I estimate that there are at least 50 witnesses (those who drove in the opposite direction have little chance to have seen it being hidden by the trees) and not one article even in the local newspapers!!

How many observations drown in indifference each day!? (at the same time neither me nor my friend went to report it to the gendarmerie and who would do that?)

If somebody also saw something in the same evening and at the same place, I would be happy that if he contacts me.

I think of having detailed to the maximum my observations and their context but I will answer as far as possible all the questions or requests which will be asked to me.

Thank you to have taken the time to read this.

PS: I can never understand why the military put lights on their top secret planes that nobody must know exist. In addition to being insane (you need to be really unconscious to hide the existence of the UFOs to humanity during 60 years), they must by silly, our brave military men!

Attached images:

The sender of this sighting report attached a map and a certain number of aerial sights annotated by his care of which primarily:

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