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Basic indications:

Date writtenSeptember 19, 2005
Date receivedSeptember 19, 2005
Date publishedOctober 27, 2005
Date of sightingAugust 31, 2005
Place of sightingFrance, Aveyron, Rodez
Original language of reportFrench
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationEmail address
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for

The report:

Subject: ufo sighting
Date: September 19, 2005
From: [eMail]


Observation report :

date : August 31, 2005
place : Rodez / Aveyron
time : approximately 11:00 p.m.
sky : clear / starry

Observation :

I was on my balcony (town center of Rodez), quietly sitted, deep in my thoughts, and I looked at the starry sky abovehead... (I did not seek at all to see something... 3 minutes before I was on the phone with a friend discussing the rain and beautiful weather)

there are airliners which pass (airport of Rodez) rather regularly, they are high, one can very clearly see their small flickering lights, moreover with one certain delay, because of the altitude, one can hear the noise of their engine.

Now, this was completely different !
So I had just seen 2 or 3 airliners passing, then for approximately 8 to 10 mn that there was nothing any more...
there, in the distance (I do say in the distance and not " high ") a light attracts my glance, it arrives quietly towards me (regular speed, near to that of a plane) I immediately think of a satellite! but I realize very quickly,when it approaches, that this light does not move high in the sky, it is at a rather low altitude, and passes above the rooftop of Rodez!
I become aware that that this nothing to do with what one can usually see in our sky; plane, satellite, shooting star etc... for those reasons:

- The intensity of the light (only one constant source) intense white slightly orange (it is at this moment that I think of an UFO! with such a brightness, there is a very visible halation around it!!!

- the observation is very good thanks to the low altitude .

- trajectory south west / north east ( Iif I make no mistake ).

- regular speed, constant (it is certain that this is a machine!! and not a shooting star or anthing else... I have some knowledge in that area)

- an absolute silence, even after passing above the roofs ( and my balcony ) !

- No airliner during that time !!

- the observation lasted approximately 1 minute, and stopped when I could not see it anymore (because of the roofs).

I am certain that other people could have noticed the object... and I would be curious to know if (maybe) the radar set of the Rodez airportnoticed something unusual this evening there!!

Approximately 4 to 5 minutes after the passage of the UFO, two airliners passed by...

Please keep me informed if you learn something.


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