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Basic indications:

Date written:September 29, 2006
Date received:September 29, 2006
Date published:November 13, 2006
Date of sighting:August 30, 2006
Place of sighting:France, near Langres, Peigney
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: ufo
Date: September 29, 2006
From: [firstname-name]


my name is [first name] [name] I am 54 years old and it sometimes happens to me in the evening to smoke a cigarette but on my terrace. I am in anticipated asbestos retirement after having worked as an industrialization technician in a large company where I completed my empoyment in the innovation, research and development sector.

I claim to be calm, posed and of scientific mind, formation in mathematics and techniques thus curious, interesssted by our universe among other things. I like to observe the sky when it is clear. I live in peigney a small village in height at 4 km from LANGRES; married father of two children.

That evening of August 30 2006 I saw going from west to east is (left towards right side, a luminous point very far and quite visible; I thought: a sattelitte... But a sattellite that stops suddenly is rather funny and sudden it emits an intense round light really tungsten-white like a headlight and this takes a dramatic dimension producing a luminous halot of overheating or electrification extrêment strong in energy around, in its environment and which I estimate at a diameter of 10 times the white central light round.

I catch the shutter of the door ready to get inside I moved back of two steps: "Holy cow!". that lasts five seconds, it is motionless then the light decreases whereas I believed that it was going to blow up or dive towards us. the central light takes again its initial size of a sattellite and takes again its initial trajectory at the same speed and three seconds later it disappears. The phenomenon thus occurred full EAST in my opinion. I awake my wife who was in bed for a half an hour and tell her what I have seen.I do not find the binoculars of observation that we have at their place and ask her where they are, as if I believed that that it could occur again: a reflex I think.

I was happy to have seen that, fairly astonished despite everything (we are not alone my wife told me by handing the binoculars to me...). The phenomenon was unique I remained a half hour outside still and did not see anything else.

I already saw shooting stars, satellites but this, a thing which comes in the form of a sattelitte and which stops, makes a phase (a crisis)of energy 5 seconds, motionless lighting space all around it in a rather round halot and that depart again after having taken again the same aspect and same speed that it had before that causes an emotion. A meteorite would have a continuous cycle in its displacement while frying... I imagine. it appeared to me very far I would say:in space and, its tungsten white center having grown bigger was of the size, in phase of energy, of that of a plane when one sees them passing in clear weather at about 5000 meters above us. so the X 10 halot which ignited around made me become aware of the incredible energy that this round dispersed: incredibly powerful since very very far I supposed.

I cannot be the only one to have seen it, it is not possible that I am the only one. Then who would report? let us dare to share, let's not keep that to us!.

sincerely yours.

Another former emotion:

We managed to observe in 1990 or 1991? I do not know exactly any more, whereas I was with my son one summer evening on the terrace of our previous house of Langres which overhung the valley, a full westernly object which seemed to be a sattellite (as I had seen one,then two, we were observing these that summer evening and at about 11:30 p.m..) an object (of the size of a sattellite for us) but which came at an unbelievable speed from the left slowed down, stopped, and made a half turn at a small distance then accelerated while being blurred in zigzag and accelerating (tremendous exponential acceleration( and decreasing quickly in size towards the end of the universe. It could not be a plane, absolutely not!!! quite clear, disappeared suddenly while decreasing in 1 second.

My son who is aged 21 years now often speaks to me again about it and since that evening there, he known, he believes that we are not alone in the universe.

Having heard me speak about what I saw on August 30 of this year 2006, he wants us to start skywatching sessions.

The autum sky when it is clear appears, in winter also by the way, often very pure but it's freezing outside at night..... The summer, lying on a long chair is preferable... we'll see the next summer!.

Sincerely yours.

If you can tell me if someone else saw this on August 30, do not hesitate.
thank you!


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