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Basic indications:

Date written:August 2, 2006
Date received:August 2, 2006
Date published:August 2, 2006
Date of sighting:July 28, 2006
Place of sighting:Canada, Quebec, LÚvis
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Firstname, pseudonym, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subjet: 4 objects indeed !
Date: August 2, 2006
From: [Pseudonyme]

Hello Patrick,

Considering you receive many emails I will be brief.

I am writing to you from Quebec. Last 28 July we were 8 people around a fire outside (in LÚvis in the suburb of the town of Quebec, at approximately 10:00 p.m.). We observed the satellites and some shooting stars occasionally. Suddenly we saw 4 objects (direction south-north) passing in the sky, whose luminosity was identical to that of satellites. On the other hand, they were certainly not satellites or shooting stars for the following reason:

1. the object passed together in rather tight formation equivalent to approximately 2 square cms when looking at the sky. The formation was on the other hand very unstable contrary to that of 4 planes which fly together for example.

2. The four objects passed at a speed of approximately 10 times the speed of a satellite. We saw them during approximately 5 seconds before losing them from sight in the light of the suburb where we were.

3. The object did not leave trails of light like 4 shooting stars would have done for example. In any event it is impossible that 4 shooting stars pass at the same time together in the sky.

4. It is equally impossible that 4 satellites pass so close together, at the same time, and the same speed in the sky.

5. I have basic knowledge in astronomy and I know very well what a satellite or a shooting star are when I observe the sky the night.

Another fact to note: no noise during the oservation nor afterwards.

So there it is, I awaits your news or if you have other question does not hesitate!

Thanks !


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