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Basic indications:

Date written:December 14, 2006
Date received:December 14, 2006
Date published:December 14, 2006
Date of sighting:November 22, 2006
Place of sighting:France, near Arles
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: Observation of a phenomenon
Date: December 14, 2006
From: []


I was the witness of a disconcerting phenomenon on the motorway during a travel by night from the hérault to Marseilles. I want to specify that I am 27 years old, I am very rationnalist, rather avid of astrophysics to keep the nose in the air all the year and thus used to all the usually visible phenomena. But this cne seems to me definitely different, but I let you be the only judge.

Wednesday November 22 at aproximately 10 p.m., I was on the A7 motorway, in departure from my home in Marseilles, approximately 2 to 3 km from the Arles turnpike. It was ofcourse a black night, the rain had punctuated my road and the motorway was rather little attended in this direction. I saw in the covered sky a sharp light. It was opposite me, sightly on the left of the axis traced by the motorway and an unknown height but which was to be in the order of a hundred meter. Initially I compared this light to a plane with all lights on, even if I think that the released light was sharper still. Without leaving it from the eyes I continued my travel, finding it bizzare to see it neither approaching, neither move away, nor to move on the sides. But I did not worry more than knowing that while driving you have inevitably more difficulty to distinguish if an object moves or if these are your own movements which. Anyways, as I approached it the strong luminous intensity that this object produced had the tendency to dim and, without being able to affirm if it is of a movement of the object or a modification in the orientation of my vehicle, the object slowly found itself to the right of the motorway axis and appeared lower. Still driving I approached this object which lost altitude and its luminous intensity in an increasing way. I could clearly distinguish its luminosity, it was 500m opposite me on the right of the motorway and it was not any higher than 10 or 20m above my level, the object had a shape that I could not clearly distinguish but inevitably had a mass for it occulted what it passed in front of, on the other hand the single light which I had initially distinguished in was actually the work of several luminous elements seeming to draw the circumferences of the object. Another weaker light flickered below the object like a small stromboscopic lamp. All the lights were white and their intensity continued to decrease progressively with the slow descent that it operated. When I was almost at its level I I stopped on the emergency way, I opened my window on the passenger's side and observed this object the best I could. It continued its slow descent. The configuration might let you guess that if this object were flat, it was tilted in the direction of its descent. It seemed to go down by very negligible steps but not in a rectilinear way. I would say that it must have had the size of a car pretty much. I did not hear any particular noise, which does not imply the presence of any propeller and no sign of engine or unspecified turbine was visible or audible. I think that this object levitated, but I am unaware how it did that. It continued its descent and inevitably was behind my vehicle, still less and less luminous. Several cars started to payy by and dazzled me when I tried to keep it in my fields of vision. It was already on the bottom of the motorway which seemed to be elevated since I distinguished a road further below. I estimated more careful not to remain longer on the emergency strip and preferred to resume by travel. I reported my observation at the turnpike which answered me that a patrol would go check into it. The object, if it touched the ground and did not move off its axis, must have inevitably fallen out of the motorway, within 500m approximately from the motorway, I thus phone the 112 to inform the gendarmerie which ofcourse was very astonished by my call which was... shortened.

If you wish fuller precise details on my observation I remain at your disposal. I do not wish to see my email address published but if another person informs you of a similar phenomenon in this part of France I would like to be put in relation to these people.

Best regards,


P.S.: Sorry for the mispells :)

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