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Basic indications:

Date writtenAugust 22, 2005
Date receivedAugust 22, 2005
Date publishedAugust 23, 2005
Date of sightingAugust 19, 2005
Place of sightingFrance, Nice
Original language of reportFrench
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationName, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for

The report:

Subject: OBJECT AND HELICOPTERS, VAR, FRANCE, 2005 - additional witness
Date: August 22, 2005
From: [name].[firstname]


I want to present my testimony concerning the observation of the cylindrical object seen in the var on 08/18/05 (OBJECT AND HELICOPTERS, VAR, FRANCE, 2005). I live on the heights of Nice (the Alpes-Maritimes) and I observed myself exactly the same object but at the date of Friday, August 19, 2005. It moved at an altitude comprized in my opinion betwen 7000 and 9000 feet and its trajectory was perfectly rectilinear, more or less from the South-West to the North-East. My observation took place the evening, at approximately 07:00 p.m. under perfect atmospheric conditions. The object, that I initially mistook for a plane, very quickly presented an obvious anomaly in my eyes: the absence of wings. However, at this altitude and with a straight light all the planes which pass by are enlightened on the side and slightly from below, which clearly emphasizes the wings at any altitude of cruising and that, in addition, I saw of the planes this evening, before and after the observation at various altitudes and the wings were always visible. As I said, the atmospheric conditions were perfect, no fog, no cloud nor pollution. I could clearly distinguish a bulge in the center, of a slightly darker appearance than the remainder of the structure. The object presented very marked metal reflections on all its surface, much more important than in the case of an airliner. It moved at a constant speed and similar to that of a normal airplane flying at this altitude. For information, I want to add that am impassioned with aeronautics, that I already had the occasion topilot small single-engined aircrafts with instructor and sailplanes and thus I am sufficiently familiarized with airplanes to state the exactitude of what I present above.

I am fully at your disposal for possible other information at [phone number].


[Firstname] [Name]

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