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Basic indications:

Date written:April 1, 2006
Date received:April 1, 2006
Date published:April 8, 2006
Date of sighting:Current as of March 2006
Place of sighting:Canada, East Montréal
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Not looked for

The report:

Subject: Re: I sent you a message on what happens to us but...
Date: April 1, 2006 From: [name.firtsname]

it all started by a change of room,as we had water damages and had to join with the kids on the second floor....we live in this house since 1981 and have improved and enlarged our bedroom and kitchen....but to our great amazement what we lived though leaves us night a luminous ray crosses the room where we slept it was so bright that it woke us up and we stood up to go see wot it was about but when we approcahed the window nothing anymore the luminous ray has dissapeared we go back to bed and suddenly the ray pierces the bedroom again but this time we notice lots of samll lumuinous dots mobe on the ceiling so we go back to see at the window and then we see a shiny ball in the sky we thought that maybe some neighbours were having fun with laser pointers to spy on us but that was not the case.We went back to bed and a few minutes later in addition to seeing the ray go though the room we heard a noise it was like an engine noise but it is not the sound of the train that we already know nor that of the oil planes but it resembles an engine noise and thus we go back at the window and when i looked up i see a sort of craft or shuttle it is in round shape rather long and all around we see rectangles or windows i pich myself i think i am dreaming but no this thing is really hovering there in front of the window so we decide to call my mother to tell her what we had seen but upon her arrival i see behind her a UFO go away at an extreme speed so i am sad because i realize that my nother will not see what i had seen..we decide to set up mirrors at our windows so that the next night the ray goes though and goes back at its originating point but to our great surprise the ray goes through the wall it had changed location we are glad because the mirrors had been of use but we know that our problems are far for being solvedf so we go back to the window and here upfront we see two orange balls come forward to us and the more they are close the more we can distinguish like two medallions with in the middle to people and all around it it is luminous we close our curtain because we do not know exactly what these things are whih let's say distrub us more and is like that for more than a month now and every night or almost because when we invite people to stay over with us to show them what is going on is like this was just if they want only us to see them.....we are not crazy and what we tell you is real indeed we would like to have your opinion on what we are living currently because we think this is very special or even very unusual....we have also managed to notice inside our house like silhouettes moving it is unbelievable but we made a test with a lazer pointer we pointed at these things and to our amazement we notice that they back off when the light is on them....we are perplexed we know very well that everyting that we have seen will be in our memory for long.....and we do not know when all this will end......thanks for taking the time to read...



I received a first e-mail from this witness is a few days before this account, I did not archive it because it did not provide a report but simply the information that this family had a UFO experience; I asked for details, which arrived in the form of the account published here.

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