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This article was published in the daily newspaper L'Yonne Républicaine, France, page 3, le 31 août 1974.

A U.F.O. in the sky of Cheny?

Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Garteau, resident of the 8, rue de la Paix in Cheny, were going back home around 10 p.m., when their attention was drawn by a large luminous point in the sky.

Il apraissait de la grosseur d'une orange à mi-hauteur de l'horizon et du zénith, en direction du Sud-Est et demeurait immobile. It apraissait of the size of an orange with middle height of the horizon and zenith, in direction of South-east and remained motionless.

Taking a binocular, Mrs. Garteau observed the phenomenon lengthily. In the objective, it had appreciably the dimension of the moon. Its shape which changed per moments, undoubtedly in a slow rotational movement on itself, resembled sometimes a bowl and sometimes a plate seen from its profile.

It was extremely luminous and seemed to launch flashes while its face changed somewhat.

Wanting to have other people of the surroundings observe what she saw herself, she could not, at her great regret, find someone outside because of the late hour.

During more than two hours, she could, quietly, look at this object which moved only hardly with the binocular and she had to stop her observation about midnight 15 minutes to go to bed whereas it was always there in the sky.

Was is one of these mysterious U.F.O. (unidentified flying object) about which there is so much talk? - R. L.

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