The Philadelphia Experiment:

Le fichier suivant apparut sur KeelyNet en 1995. Il est censé avoir été rédigé par un colonel de l'US Air Force qui nous explique les principes techniques de base utilisés pour le voyage dans le temps à la suite de la "Philadelphia Experiment". De toute évidence il est impossible de vérifier la véracité des assertions faites ici, à moins de tenter de construire sa propre machine à remonter dans le temps en utilisant ses notes et en y réussissant! On peut noter la récurence des champs magnétiques rotatifs que l'on retrouve dans la plupart des tentatives scientifiques "alternatives" et les récits et anecdotes communiqués par "ceux qui y étaient"...


"I tell how:"

* Excitation and accelerated time, less inertia, gravity, and mass, are one in the same thing.

* Ships may travel hundreds of times faster than light without time dilation, and energy needed for this is very little. Communications are also faster-than-light (FTL).

* EEG waves from one to sixty cycles are "telepathy", but they come from "fast time", so they are compressed in time or bandwidth. Ordinary radios are not quick enough to detect the information. All we detect is this 60 cycle signal at light speed but information inside travels faster than light. And an ordinary radio will reveal the signal when in an excited state.

* Man left to himself dreams of a paradise where technology and nature are in perfect harmony, where he is immortal and free of disease, needs, and wants, and this can be done directly from mind to product this very day using lightlines.

As someone who has worked on the B2 bomber and its more advanced cousins in the Air Force for twenty years, I can tell you the whole story is unbelievable. Twenty hours is too conservative a time estimate for complete explanation.

Some crafts we have do use electromagnetism to nullify gravity and even extract hidden information from EEG waves, but these are not deployed and will not be until they are needed. They pump electricity from inside themselves into a sheet of electricity some distance away, exactly as the earth is positive "ground" and the ionosphere a negative sheet. This sheet bends parallel radar waves around the craft like a water droplet in a rainbow, or just like the ionosphere bends radio waves, making for long distance communications. This is a relatively simple and straightforward effect. And it is what Einstein was attempting in Project Rainbow or the Philadelphia Experiment.

We desperately wanted radar invisibility. The Germans were engaged in the same effort fifty years ago. But electric vacuum, the vortex field, also causes excitation of atoms in it, which shifts waves in frequency and accelerates time. I am willing to reveal all I know about these things in full detail here.

The Air Force feels it has nothing to worry about because nobody would believe these things, even though they require no special admission but are based entirely on relativity and simple electromagnetic laws.

First, I tell how electrons are controlled in electromagnetic fields using physics and Maxwell's equations.

Then two systems are given for establishing a "permanent excitation" in a volume. The practical system uses a magnetic vortex and weak static field.

Next temporal effects are described by contrasting how people in gravity and then excitation fields perceive quanta.

Then faster-than-light travel and communications are discussed, as well as how EEG waves are telepathy, but information is compressed in time or bandwidth. By the end you will see there is much more at stake in the government keeping this secret than gravity alone.

There are three fields we can use to set up such an "electric vacuum" with external electric sheet. These are

(1) static
(2) AC and
(3) PDC (pulsed DC) magnetic fields

and we need a description of electromagnetics to understand these.

Imagine a permanent magnet with north pole out of your monitor. Its flux can be imagined as a large number of X marks on your screen. An electron moves in the plane of the monitor from left to right. As it cuts flux, Lorentz force (F= qvB) deflects it downward. The electron actually spirals clockwise with radius r = mv / qB, with B in teslas and all other measures in MKSA units. If the electron came from the opposite direction it would spiral in the same direction, or clockwise as we see it.

Lorentz force derives from static magnetic fields when there is relative motion between the field and electron. No force is felt when motion is parallel to magnetic flux, only when flux lines are cut. And this static field performs no work. The relevant Maxwell equation here is curl E = -dB/dt, and since tesla density is static here, dB/dt is zero, curl E is zero, and the field is by definition conservative. No work is done on electrons, so we deduce electrons spiral but maintain the same velocity or kinetic energy.

Static electrons can also be accelerated by magnetic fields. In that case curl E is nonzero and we see electrons must absorb energy, or be accelerated, by the time-variant magnetic field. This case is actually the same as the above case, but as current changes in the coil flux expands or collapses from the coil. There is still relative motion and electrons still experience the same Lorentz force.

For example, sending pulsating instead of direct current through the same coil in the same direction causes the same spiraling effect on static electrons as the static field had on moving electrons. Sending AC through causes periodic reversals of electrons. The field around the coil can be given by E(r,t) = 1/2pi r*dF/dt, where F is flux in webers.

The electric lines form concentric circles about the coil, and another way to say this is E= f * B, where f is frequency in cps, B is average tesla density of a periodic current, and E is volts per meter close to the coil. These three fields, static, AC, and PDC make for any manipulation of electrons.

There are two ways to produce the electric sheet. Both require pumping electrons from inside the ship into a sheet of electricity. The first does this from a central magnetic pole. A strong static magnetic field is set up, and pulsed DC is sent oppositely through the pole to set up circular electric lines about it. Electrons are accelerated circularly about the pole, and as soon as they move they experience an outward centrifugal deflection qvB. Each electron which leaves the center of the ship creates a positive hole, and so there is also an internal electric centripetal field F = knqq/rr, where n is the number of electrons removed to the sheet. Each electron has potential energy - kq/r, and the ship has the same potential energy, so it is excited, because excitation is the only way matter absorbs electric energy without heating.

Also, one may view removing an electron from an atom as "exciting it past ionization potential." The problem here is electrons are limited to speed of light, and one may assume they gain lightspeed or close to it instantly in any tangible electric field (by v=Eqt/electronmass provided collision time is high enough). Thus the speed of light acts to limit qvB centrifugal force and so limit power in the field to around 40 megajoules, very marginal.

Another better way is to use a four-coil, two-phase ring, exactly as in two-phase AC motor stators. Its field is in every way that of a real rotating permanent magnet. Imagine such a magnet in the plane of your monitor. We can show that flux cuts electrons in such a way that Lorentz force creates unidirectional electric lines through the monitor. That is, electrons are blown through the screen as air molecules are blown through a circular fanblade.

Now suppose we set up the same magnet as above, a coil into the monitor. Its magnetic flux is perpendicular to that of the rotating magnetic field. Electrons are sucked from in front of the monitor, but since they are limited to lightspeed they enter the static field only so far before assuming a circular orbit through Lorentz deflection. Electrons are pulled from inside the ship parallel to static lines, but when they begin to cut static lines just below your monitor screen, they spiral out to the same radius as above. Without velocity greater than light they can go no farther. So lightspeed, once our enemy, now means that we can put almost any energy into the field we wish. No energy is lost in the field except by collisions, which are minimal at higher electric frequencies, and zero in vacuum. Field density is a function solely of magnetic vortex frequency and tesla density, or electric field strength in volts per meter.

The stronger this electric field, the more electrons are stripped from inside the ship and more dense the electric sheet becomes. Very little energy is needed at higher frequencies to produce sheets dense enough to bend light, even with its high frequency.

Note here that an oblate spheroid "sheet of charge" is formed which may become very dense. Anything in it will be heated electrically. Inside there are powerful electric fields, though these are no more dangerous than the 10 kV/m field under a thundercloud, and there is no internal Joule heat because electrons are held outside the ship. Charge in either hemisphere rotates opposite to that in the other hemisphere. This can be seen by considering the Lorentz force. Electrons entering the static field from outside are deflected in one direction. Those leaving the static field from inside are deflected in the opposite direction. This bears similarities to the Coriolis force, and if so, so be it. Let this be indicative of a gravitational connection.

We find this field also accelerates time, which can be seen as decreasing gravity, mass, or inertia through Relativity. One way to view this is as follows:

A ship near light-speed has its time slowed down, and this may happen so much that the universe dies in a blink of these peoples' eyes. Since time is slower, one might say that they would see more cycles per second and frequencies would be shifted up. But this does not happen. Instead, they are not quick enough to perceive as much information as we do. So according to Hartley's Law their incoming frequencies and bandwidths are compressed. People outside, on the other hand, see these people moving extremely slowly, so more information is available to them, and they see bandwidth and frequencies boosted. This is only a relative effect, because quantum energy is conserved, and so real information and frequency of light are constants when absolutely figured. But different temporal and excitation levels of the observer obviously change perception of frequency.

Excitation causes shifts opposite to gravity. For instance, if atoms are excited, electrons are farther from nuclei, and under less electric force. They are more loosely bound. Now incoming quanta of the same hv energy cause greater transitions than before, and so appear to have more quantum energy or frequency. Waves from inside seem to be high in energy, but low in energy or frequency to people outside. Again, like gravity, this is a conservative field, affecting only perception. However, its shift is opposite to gravity's. Since gravity's effect on frequency is derived from the slowing of time, what effect other than accelerating of time does excitation derive from? Note here that excitation does not have to cause actual transitions to higher orbital levels to give frequency shift effects. Given Schrodinger wave constraints such is not possible. With electric vacuum suction on electrons, incoming quanta still take less energy to cause transitions.

The main problem we had was finding means for excitation without relaxation, which normally releases all stored energy in ten billionths of a second. Energy required for any significant frequency shift is enormous. Setting up a weak static magnetic field allows a sort of resonance effect, where massive amounts of energy are absorbed by the field without release. Excitation and resonance are only obtainable when relaxation is eliminated as it can be in the magnetic vortex system.

What are some uses of this? Ships can travel faster-than-light (FTL). Time may be accelerated by excitation four times. Then when we travel close enough to light-speed, the ship simply regains the mass or time it originally had, but it is travelling four times faster than light when that happens. Thus any star in this or any other galaxy are within reach without time dilation and with very little energy input. Remember, NO supplemental energy is needed in vacuum due to infinite collision time.

Another way to view FTL travel is to consider that the people in the ship may accelerate to 200 meters per second in their seconds. Someone outside has four seconds for one of theirs, so the ship seems to them to travel at 800 meters per second to an external observer.

Faster-than-light communications are also possible, but not without another effect. Suppose we emit a 1 to 60 megacycle signal from a field where time is accelerated one million times. This is possible because the energy required decays exponentially for faster times. The signal leaves and shifts down to 1 to 60 cycles. Anyone outside sees only this 60 cycle "magnetic wave" travelling at light-speed. The information inside is compressed in time or bandwidth. But it does penetrate water and other matter very well. Another antenna in the same 'one million' field expands bandwidth, or is "quick" enough to get at the original information. This again shows the interconvertibility of time and bandwidth. And EEG waves from one to sixty cycles contain more information than presently thought.

The reason for FTL propagation is the same as a stationary observer looking at light in a lightclock on a relativistic ship. Light seems to travel faster in this ship and since Einstein took light-speed to be constant, he saw that time must slow on the ship. But this gravity field makes light travel faster relative to the temporal state of the stationary observer (ref INSIDE RELATIVITY by Mook and Vargish). In our case, the signal travels a million times faster than light because gravity outside the ship is a million times greater.

Aliens do exist, but in the public eye it is taken for granted (to put it mildly). NASA's SETI project is complete rubbish, "coverup" at its worst. They scan for "ET" transmissions at one to ten Gigahertz. No alien transmission occurs above a hundred cycles and NASA knows this. The transmissions are all compressed in time, like subspace communication on Star Trek. Nothing else has comparable efficiency. Light takes perhaps fifteen minutes to reach another planet, but is all but instantaneous with compression.

EEG wave telepathy is another coverup, even though brain-related signals have never been detected anywhere else on our spectrum. By mutual exchange of information, "links" can be made through lightlines, which convey force, energy, or information even through walls. This gives complete control over reality itself, and it is hard to overstate its importance. Communication with the dead and eternal life are easy, so too manufacturing directly from mind to product. Truth be told, this planet will be Socialist, but only when matter is so ridiculously easy to manipulate anyone who says "pay me" will have to mean it as a joke. Telepathy is only thought from "fast time", or excitation field (as in the brain), while matter is only thought "frozen" in slow time, or gravity field; but since gravity and excitation are one spectrum, there is no separation between mind and reality, life or death.

Aliens have given clues along the way. After we conducted the Philadelphia Experiment, we were mailed a book, The Case for the UFO: Annotated Edition, with quotes written in the margins by 'philosophical aliens' who said:

"Anyone wishing to know how our ships are powered would have to realize electrons cross what would in their terms be millions of lightyears of space, and they leave in their wake a magnetic node, or vortex, as this one thing is variously called. Realizing this, as Einstein did, it makes it clear how matter may be made into energy, dissolute, or invisible."

This book as well as George Adamski's Inside the Flying Saucers were required reading for us in the Air Force. Other truthful sources are found in The Flying Saucer Reader by Jay David who said: "You wonder how our ships operate. They operate in resonating electromagnetic fields, just as planetary bodies do." and Beyond Earth: Man's Contacts with UFO's by Ralph and Judy Blum, who said "The ship is powered by reversible electromagnetism. Reversing magnetic and electric energies allows us to nullify gravity and control matter." The greatest source of information is Adamski's book though.

Taking these sources as accurate would have been all the public would have needed to come to the conclusion that excitation nullifies gravity. Look at it this way. If gravity can be electromagnetically overcome, which is our only practical way to ever hope to overcome gravity anyway, gravity has to be electromagnetic. Then it must be acting on some electric or magnetic property in matter, due to concept of dual poles. Otherwise no electromagnetic force could be coupled. This reduces the problem to finding the one magnetic or electrical property intrinsic to all mass, because gravity acts on all mass. Diamagnetism is that universally intrinsic property, but even that is related to distance of electrons from nuclei by the formula for magnetic moment, M=IA, ("moment" equals current times loop area). This does not tell whether proximity to or distance from nuclei is antigravity, but directly suggests that a correspondence exists.

In summary, the public has been misled contemptuously. They have told you that aliens are not visiting the Earth and do not exist. Rather than spacecraft, people are seeing the whole planet Venus fly across the sky. Then they start an "effort" to find signals from intelligent beings, which they have already detected below 100 cycles. There have been signals picked up even on the frequencies they scan for, but all signals aliens normally use are below 100 cycles and can never be picked up with conventional equipment.

Finally comes the ultimate insult. The world can be better than science fiction has ever dreamt of, with devices to beam information directly into brains for virtual reality, access information from any source, which would make the Internet pale in comparison, derive energy from the sun through its lines, and literally construct anything as if by magic. Everyone on this planet who has died since 1967 did not have to; the only cure for AIDS, cancer, and particularly genetic diseases lies in these lightlines. This is what the public is being kept in the dark about. Perhaps the United States government has reasons for keeping this secret, but they are not in my opinion good ones.

Ultimately it is not the Air Force's problem that the public does not presently enjoy these things, if you know what I mean. To be heard one has to make some noise.


James Stephens

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