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Pilots UFO sightings:

This page documents and assesses a case in which a UFO or supposed or alleged UFO was reported to have been observed from an aircraft in flight.

Van Buren, Missouri, USA, January 1937

This is a flimsy report at best. The primary source appears to be what was noted by scientist and ufologist Harley D. Rutledge, PhD, in his book "Project Identification" in 1981 [(hre1)]:


[...] Apparently UFOs were seen in the region prior to World War Il. During a telephone inquiry I made concerning the use of the Forestry Service fire towers, a high official in a Missouri state agency volunteered the information that he had chased a flying disc while flying his private aircraft near Van Buren in 1937.

Some time before 1999, the ufology website Project 1947 ([prt1]) listed it in an aircraft - UFO encounter catalog as:


1937: January, Van Buren, Missouri

A local pilot chased a flying disk. The pilot would later become a state government official.

A/C Code: P GXE codes: _ __


by H. D. Rutledge, page 213.
Hatch, Larry, *U* UFO database


Unless some late miracle occurs, I do not see how anything more could surface about this story.


Totally insufficient information.

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? = Source I am told about but could not get so far. Help needed.

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