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The alleged sighting at Cussac, France, August 29, 1967.

To the reader:

In my experiences of discussions relating to the case of Cussac in 1967, it occurred several times that when I discussed a particular point, it was argued that I should discuss some other point(s). I want to specify that what follows is neither a demonstration that the object allegedly seen was or was not an helicopter or an alien spaceship or whatever else, and that the following is not an act allegiance to any work or writings of anybody.

This page is in no way supposed to be neither points of no importance, neither absolutely capital points, neither that is it all that can be said on the case, neither that this is all I can say on the case, neither that I never said anything else, neither that I felt obliged to say more, neither that I will say nothing more.

The items discussed here are in no manner a declaration infallibility of mine, they are not claimed to be "scientific", I never introduced myself as "a scientist" nor an "expert" about anything, I am not the puppet of anybody. I do not claim objectivity, I only claim I try to be. I will make note of any remark, correction, addition, comment, under the sine qua non condition that it contains no insults, nothing discourteous, nothing irrelevant, and no questioning of my intents.

Questions of locations:

The sources:

Not everyone is familiar with the documentation on the case, or perhaps not everyone always has all the details in mind. Here, I give the available sources on the case:

Document history.

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1.3a Patrick Gross 5 octobre 2016 Addition of the report sysnthesis by Fernand Lagarde in "Mystérieuses Soucoupes volantes".
1.3b Patrick Gross 5 octobre 2016 Addition of the article in the newspaper La Montagne for September 1, 1967.
1.3c Patrick Gross October 7, 2016 Addition of the LDLN 1967 article, of the September / October 1967 APRO Bulletin paragraph, of the Paris-Jour article for September 2-3, 1967.

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