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This article was published in the daily newspaper Waco Herald-Tribune, of Waco, Texas, USA, on February 13, 1955.

Ex-Wacoan in Venezuela Relates Saucer Saga There

Waco Tribune-Herald Staff

Roundless curiosity is unleashed whenever the word flying saucer is mentioned. What is it? Could it be a guided missile or a spy ship from Mars?

A letter recently received by Dr. and Mrs V.A. Keiley, 1225 North Sixteen street, caused fiends to wonder anew about this scientific phenomenon. The letter was written by Wacoans's daughter Mrs Elizabeth Antula, who with her husband Earl, works at the Escuala Rural Interamericana school in Rubio, Estado Tachira, Venezuela.

Her letter concerned "a luminous disc" which landed in a city near Caracas and its effect on two Venezuelan merchants. Although casually related, the incident attracted more than casual interest among readers.

Two men were driving along the road around 2 a.m. preparatory to taking goods to the market. A "luminous disk" some two meters long and one meter wide hovering about 16 centimeters over the center of the city street forced them to stop. They noticed three small men, one meter tall, around the glowing object. Grabbing a flashlight the driver ran forward. His companion was with him until he noticed one of the little men holding an "apparatus". Frightened he ran the other way to a nearby traffic control point.

Meantime the driver threw his flashlight at one of the men and missed. He then ran up, grabbed the little fellow, lifted him high against his chest and tried to take him back to the car. The little man gave him a hard blow in the ribs and squirmed away. Drawing a knife the driver tried to stab the creature but his knife struck "a surface like stone." Immediately the three little men entered the disk which ascended at terrific speed and disappeared.

Later at the traffic control point the driver exposed his left side which was beginning to show a bad bruise. He said he believed the little creature was scooping up handful of earth which he took in the disk. Authorities reported the men had not been drinking, but they were still undergoing treatment for shock and nervous collapse at the time Elizabeth wrote of the incident.

[Drawing caption:]

VERY LARGE EYES is the way a Venezuelan merchant described the above creature which he saw standing beside a "luminous disk" hovering over a street in a town near Caracas. The drawing is a duplicate of one made by the merchant for interested authorities at the town's traffic control point.

Case file here.

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