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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Reppellini and Ottaviani affair, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, of Toulon, France, on October 18, 1954.

The case file is here.

This is no longer a Marseille story...

New witnesses, worthy of faith, saw the saucer discovered Thursday on the road to Hyères

The mystery that haunts the case now known as the "saucer of Hyères" is not about to be cleared up.

In the first place, indeed, it was permissible to doubt the sight of MM. Rappellini and Ottaviani - or at least their statements insofar as they do not want to sign them - how to refute the new testimonies that manifest themselves?

This is how we gathered the statements of a butcher of Toulon well-known in the place, whose establishment located Rue Lafayette, receives daily customers. This butcher, who insisted on staying anonymous and whose face we voluntarily hide in our photo, was returning from Hyères on Thursday evening, accompanied by a friend, a respectable old man who valiantly supported the weight of the years.

It was 6:40 p.m. and the car of these people swallowed the kilometers of the "Chemin Long" when the two passengers suddenly saw a circular metallic craft that rose above the trees, quickly gaining height.

When the vehicle was stopped and the people of Toulon went down, nothing remained visible in the sky.

Believing to be victims of a hallucination, our friends resumed the road and returned to Toulon. Nothing of their story would have survived had the discovery of MM. Rappellini and Ottaviani not reminded them of their vision.

This is what makes the case bounce back.

In addition, Mr. Elie Gandolphe, a gardener at "Les Avocats" near Hyères, made the following statement:

"When I came out of my house, I saw a craft rising in the sky, making no noise, but at a prodigious speed, it was luminous, of course I could not take any dimension, but I will tell you its shape resembles a mushroom of the variety "cepe".

A surprise

Is he afraid of disclosing a military secret? Or is he caught up in a business that he fears may turn bad? What is certain is that yesterday morning Mr. Rappellini refused energetically to take us to the very spot where his saucer would have landed.

As for Mr. Ottaviani, who had given us an appointment at 10 o'clock, he did not come and remained invisible.

It was therefore necessary to us to go alone on the site which had been described to us the day before. We had no hope of finding any traces of the mysterious landing, when we discovered a freshly burned area covered with clear ashes. As we tried to trace other traces, a real drama occurred. A black front-wheel drive, registered in Paris, stopped nearby. Two "authorities" came down and met us on the spot.

Are other witnesses kept secret?

This visit that we unexpectedly surprised seems to show that the authorities attach some importance to this case. Did they hear other witnesses without our knowledge? Why not? This would seem to give shape to the whole story.

A very handy machine

If the area we have photographed is the area that was burnt by the saucer's reactors, it must be more precise and more flexible than that of our known aircraft, since it can as well land in a little accessible field.

It is indeed very dangerous to land next to a tree if the craft does not obey exactly the order. Was it really a terrestrial apparatus? In this case? The investigation continues. Let them draw the conclusions... if they do.

Will we make war on vegetables?

German scientist Herman Oberth, inventor and manufacturer of the "V.2" rocket said that the "Uranides", name of the inhabitants of a planet where oxygen would not exist in the gaseous state, which prohibits the development of an animal life, would be plants.

The planet in question would be outside the solar system, but mysterious craft in which intelligent "plants" would move could travel at a speed of 300,000 km / sec.

The craft seen above the Earth would be responsible for monitoring the progress of the earth in the atomic sciences. If these vegetable beings decided to attack us we would be forced to make war on the vegetables!

Weird war...

A saucer in the Brusc

Information that we did not verify told us yesterday that a flying saucer had been spotted in the Brusc.

Indeed, fishermen told yesterday morning, on the harbor, that two of them were certain to have seen one of these craft move in the sky.

We reproduce this information without garantee.

Two saucers, that really does a lot. Unless it is the same, what needs to be demonstrated.

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