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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, Toulon, France, on November 3, 1954.

Martians love flowers

Florence. -- A country-woman of Piggi di Adbra, close to Arezzo, met two Martians when she was going to the village church.

Mrs. Rosa Lotti, 40 years, who told of her encounter to the police officers, specified that the two beings measuring approximately one meter, were covered with a kind of diving-suit. However she was unable to distinguish their facial features perfectly for they wore a leather helmet which hid part of the face. Both were expressed themselves in a language she did not understand. Suddenly one of the men tore off the flowers that she held in her arms and quickly the unknowns moved towards a disc high of two or three meters which was in a meadow and on board of which they took seat. When the police officers arrived on the spot, the disc had disappeared, but they managed to note the traces of an apparatus of circular shape on the ground.

Saucer in the Fakirs' countrys

Calcutta, November 2. -- For the first time in India, of "flying saucers" were reported today in the Calcutta area, at a few days of intervals. Calcutta newspapers were advised of the presence above the suburbs of the town of a "circular object brilliantly illuminated" flying east to west. A witness stated to have seen human shapes on board the craft before it disappeared.

Another heavenly object was seen above the town of Coochbehar, at 320 km in the North-East of Calcutta. The machine [or rather the meteor], of circular form and which left behind a long trail of sparkles, remained visible during 15 minutes.

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