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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, Toulon, France, August 26, 1954.

Piloted by a brown man, did a flying saucer land in Norway?

Two women claim this, but the police is careful...

Oslo, August 25.
A flying saucer reportedly landed last Friday in the area of Masjoeen, at approximately 300 km in the North-East of Trondheim and the pilot, a brown man with long hair, is said to have been seen by two sisters who picked up berries in the mountain.

Such is the sensational news reported by a Norwegian newspaper. One of the two sisters maintained her statements in front of the press. Both had initially agreed to observe an absolute discretion, fearing that their account makes them look like fools, but one of them, under questions by her husband who had found her attitude odd that day, had revealed their extraordinary adventure.

The witnesses' story:

During a walk in the mountain to pick up bluerries, they had seen a man squatted behind a tree. They were going to continue their way, when the man, suddenly, stood up and started to laugh. Thinking they dealt with a fool, the two sisters were on the point of fleeing, but the man who appeared gentle, beckoned them to approach.

One of them then held out her hand to greet him, but the unknown only clapped his hands and moved his head when a blueberry bucket was offered to him.

The man was brown like a gypsy, of average size and carried a kaki fabric. He pronounced words that the two women could not understand and started to draw on something which resembled a piece of paper, the sun, the ground and indicated the latter, then themselves, repeated this gesture for another planet and himself.

The man beckoned then to them to follow him and to their great amazement they saw a craft, one meter and a half high, three or four meters diameter resembling lids of giant pans. One of the sisters wanted to touch the machine, but the man seizes her arm while showing him, she did not know why, the roots of trees. Then he climbed on board his apparatus.

No trace of the craft...

In their puzzlement, the two sisters remember only that the machine started to whirl on itself, slowly initially, hardly making but a humming sound, then more and more quickly, to take off quickly and disappear at the horizon.

Accompanied by three police officers, the two sisters went the morning on the spot of their adventure where no clue was found likely to prove an unspecified landing. Although they claimed again that all is true in their story, the Norwegian police force considered it useless to continue their investigation and will not even have the ground on which the strange machine allegedly landed analyzed.

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