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UFOs in the daily Press:

French saucers 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, France, on October 15, 1954.

Coming down from a mysterious machine, a diver of small size, but with enormous eyes, appears to three Toulouse residents

The pilots of the saucers are plants gifted of reason" the V2 manufacturer says.

Toulouse, October 14. -- A diver of small size with a large head compared to the body, two enormous eyes, such is the description that was just made this evening, by a resident of Toulouse, Mr. Olivier, of a mysterious figure, who came down of a spherical craft which had just landed on a vacant site.

Mr. Olivier, owner of the Jaret Netis establishments, rue des Fontaines in Toulouse, was accompanied by an employee, Mr. Perano and a young boy about fifteen years old.

All three saw the mysterious craft of spherical form and reddish color land. Then they saw come towards them, the figure, whose diving-suit, according to the statements of the witnesses, shone like glass. Thereafter, Mr. Olivier, former aviation pilot, drew with a chalk, in a dramatic manner, on a door, the diver. "I did not believe in it, says Mr. Perano, but I saw it as I see you, it was quite a shock".

After a rather short time, one minute, the diver reinstated the luminous sphere, which went away vertically in the sky, without noise, at an extraordinary speed while launching a wake of fire.


Oily traces were noticed this morning in several places of the ground, according to the witnesses statements, the machine would have landed the day before on this place at 07:35 p.m..

The police force of the Air questioned these three people who confirmed their statements. While specifying that the mysterious individual measuring approximately 1,20 m, exceeded the craft by the head, consequently bending to enter in it.

One of the witnesses ensured that the saucer was surrounded by iridescent reflection and emitted around a slight fog around it.

He added that having wanted to approach, he had been stopped at about twenty meters by a paralysing force. When the craft rose in the sky, he was violently thrown at the ground.

Strange contact near the Montluçon station

The flying saucers file increased of several testimonies of which the most important seems to be that of an employee of the station of Montlucon, Mr. Laugère, who made contact Sunday evening, with an individual who came out of an apparatus in the shape of a torpedo.

Mr. Laugère left his work and crossed the ways near the bridge of the SNCF [national railway co], when he saw a metallic machine posed at little distance from the fuel oil tank intended for the rail-car supply. At side of the apparatus which had the shape of a torpedo and could have been four meters in diameter, was a man, all covered of hair, unless he was dressed of a coat with quite long hair.

Mr. Laugère, surprised, asked him what he was doing. The unknown answered him in inintelligibles terms, but the railwayman however seemed to distinguish the words "Fuel oil".

Mr. Laugère did not ask him for more and went away to alert his comrades. He had hardly gone a hundred meters, when he saw the apparatus rising vertically without any noise. It soon disappeared from his view. Only the fear of the irony of his comrades had prevented him, until today, from telling his adventure.

The disc did not land...

A second testimony was collected: that of a 17-year-old young man, Marc German, resident of Pontault, who declared at the police station of this locality, that he had seen in the night, during approximately half an hour, a machine which was in his opinion, a flying saucer. This machine was in the sky within 200 or 300 meters of altitude and had the shape of a very shining disc. Ir remained thirty minutes motionless then left at a vertiginous speed, leaving a trail of fire behind. The young man stated that he had not alerted the police station earlier for he had made a point of remaining on the spot in case the saucer would have landed.

A ball in the sky of the Creuse

In St Marc-de-Lombaud (the Creuse), residents of Vallières saw, in the night from Monday to Tuesday, a white ball which moved in the sky. The ball changed color, disappeared and reappeared before disappearing definitively.

A simple balloon

On the other hand, a development was just made today by a person, about the "saucer" which was seen above the area of St Andre, at the limit of the department of the Eure and the Eure-et-Loire, Saturday towards 06:30 p.m..

Mrs. Amonts from Groth-Soret affirmed that the object was only a simple balloon. "A sketch, she said, appeared painted in red color on the top of the balloon and the ropes maintaining the nacelle".

Seven tiny beings seen in the Gard...

Several hunters of the commune of St Ambroise (the Gard) allegedly saw recently seven tiny beings whose shape vaguely resembled that of a human body. When they tried to approach, the beings rushed towards a phosphorescent apparatus which flew away at once.

On the site where the pilots of the flying saucer had been, the hunters discovered on the ground a certain number of seeds of odd appearance; which they had examined by seed resellers. The latter were unable to classify them into a known species.

The "pilots" are plants:

Hamburg. -- "The pilots of the "flying saucers" are plants gifted of reason". Such is the theory that Professor Hermann Oberth, inventor and manufacturer of the famous "V.2" rocket, exposed to a correspondent of Agence France Presse.

According to the German scientist, the "Uranids" (this is the name he baptizes these plants with) are thousands years more advanced than Earth as well with regard to their spiritual evolution and their technique. The fatherland of origin of Uranides would be a planet where there is not oxygen in a gas state, which prohibits the development of a animal life. The plants on the other hand, draw the necessary oxygen from oxides contained in the soil.

That planet would be outside the solar system, but the mysterious machines in which the intelligent plants move could travel a speed close to that of the light (300 000 km/s). Those of these machines seen above the earth would be in charge of watching progress of earth's humanity in the atomic sciences because this progress "is a danger to the entire cosmos".

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