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UFOs in the daily Press:

Observation, Ohio, USA, January 2, 1884:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Elyria Republican, Elyria, Ohio, USA, le 3 janvier 1884.

A Mysterious Visitant

NEWCOMERSTOWN, Dec. 28.-- A very singular phenomena was observed here in the heavens last night, and people are much puzzled to account for the strange occurence. A short time after dark a large bright light appeared suddenly in the eastern sky a few degrees above the horizon, and started in a direct northern path. The object had the appearance of an almost square of white light, and in its flight across the heavens left a bright trail which lighted up the woods just east of town over which it passed, so brilliantly that small trees and bushes could be observed distinctly by many persons here who were watching the object. A very singular circumstance was the remarkable slowness with which the object traversed the heavens it being seen for a long time by the numbers of citizens who were observing it. There have been several hypotheses as to the probable cause of this peculiar astronomical phenomenon, and some think the object was an aerolite, but the slowness of its progress across the sky leaves abundant room to doubt the correctness of this supposition.

The superstitious are troubled.

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