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UFOs in the Press:

The French 1954 saucer flap in the daily Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on page 12, on September 30, 1954.

The article mixes two different September 10, 1954, French cases:

See the Marius Dewilde's alleged encounter file here.

See the Antoine Mazaud's alleged encounter file here.


Men Who See Saucers May Be In Their Cups

LYON, FRANCE, -- (Reuters) -- France's flying saucer circus continued to rouse interest around the country Wednesday as more eyewitnesses accounts of "saucers", "plates" and other whizzing celestial objects kept pouring in.

Now a farner says a creature came up to him on a lonely road, carressed his arm and burbled unintelligible noises at him. Then it went off towards its "saucer", which the farmer could not describe because a green ray temporarily paralyzed him.

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