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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the weekly newspaper Samedi Soir, Paris, France, on October 14, 1954.


"Oumph... Grobezabri.. Trobobranana..."

Les Breloux (Vienne), Sunday, September 19, 1954, 10 p.m.

Yves David, farmer (it seems that farmers are particularly favored!) returns to his farm by motorcycle. He rides merrily on the road from Cenon to Vouneuil and the only thing that bothers him is that its loose headlights is tilted to the ground.

Well! He will arrive anyway. Yet between Poutereau and Rebotes, he slows down because he does not care to go into the ditch. Of course, when he goes slower the brilliance of his headlight decreases because the dynamo delivers less power and if he stops there is no light at all.

It is exactly what he is suddenly forced to do because all of a sudden in front of him in the middle of the road, "a metal encased diver" just appeared.

(Continued on page 6.)


Yves strongly brakes. The diver, which measures about 1 m. 50, advances and like Mr. Mazaud's Martian, takes the hand of Yves. However he is less affectionate because he did not kiss him. Fortunately, as Yves felt a slight electric current and feeling cold. By cons, be talking about. An incomprehensible language course.

- Oumph ... .. Grobezabri Trobobranana!

Then the bottom diver retreat to a dark mass posed on the road. Yves will he set off in pursuit like Marius Dewilde? No, because, as in Quarouble, a powerful green beam of light sprang from the machine and stops the victim in the posture when he set foot on the ground, both hands on the handlebars, standing, the bike frame between the legs. The craft then rises vertically without making a sound, the beam goes off, Yves David can finally move. The scene lasted thirty seconds.

Under the seal of secrecy, Yves has told the case to a friend, after also telling it to his wife and his parents. In short, eight days later, everyone knew. The police investigated and the secret services too. They recorded the statements of the witness.

Today, our special correspondent writes to us that Yves David became a very important person man in his community. Some days ago, when A circus passed in Chatellerault, Yves, carried by force on the podium, where a famous radio program was recorded, recounted in detail his encounter with the "diver" of the flying saucer. He was much applauded, it seems.

Probably nobody thought to ask him if he had been aware of the previous adventures of Messrs. Mazaud and Dewilde as his own is a quite striking synthesis of those? And even if it had been asked... Can we demand of a man the whole country is speaking about, and who speaks to the world through radio, to recognize a mistake, or at least an exaggeration? Put yourself in the place of Yves David.

[Photo caption:] Yves David from Les Breloux (Vienne) received instead of a kiss, a "martial" handshake. The diver this time accompanied his "green ray" by a brief unintelligible speech.

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