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UFOs in the daily Press:

Observation reports in France and elsewhere, 1954:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, on Tuesday, October 5, 1954.

States a road worker of Seine-et-Marne.

Several roadmenders of the Highways Departments which worked under the rain on the road from Coulommiers to Meaux, not far from the airfield of Quincy-Voisin, stated to have seen a flying saucer. One of them, Mr. Bernard Goujon, 30 years old, claimed to have seen a strange apparatus of oval shaped, measuring approximately 3 meters in diameter, and 2,50 meters height, in a field on the left of the road, at approximately 200 meters of him, at the bottom of a small wood of poplars. He said it was landed on the ground on three rather high crutches. Its higher part comprised a small translucent cupola that seemed made of plastic. The entire machine was of a metal shining like aluminium. Mr. Goujon told that he had wanted to approach the craft, but when he came at approximately 150 meters of it he felt irritations as if an invisible electric ray had been darted on him. I felt as if paralyzed, he said, and my sight was slightly scrambled. I then saw the saucer rise very slowly, without noise, in the same manner than a falling leaf to 25 meters off the ground. It stayed there one moment then, still without noise and without any luminous trail, then it disappeared at high speed. Traces deep of approximately 10 centimetres were found on the ground.


Two ladies of Perth (Scotland) which, before telling their adventure, swore to have taken only tea, saw two of these phenomena travelling in the sky. They had, the stated, a round shape followed by a tail and irrisistibly evoked snails, but snails which would have been in an extreme hurry... Not wanting undoubtedly to be beaten in the field of the topicality, Mrs. Coolen from Halifax claims on her side to have seen strange object flying in the sky, in the shape of beer quill, with yellow tails. These bottles flew ten times faster than the fastest plane, if one believes this witness.


Let us announce for the record, these being of disgusting banality, a flying cigar equipped with powerful lights resembling neon lights, above Jordan, and also six red saucers, from where a bright light emanated, which flew over the chain of Karawankeuen, in Carinthia.

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