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UFOs in the daily Press:

Hoax in Portugal and sighting in France, 1954:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le quotidien de la Haute-Loire, on Wednesday, September 29, 1954.


Visitors of another world landed on Friday September 24, at 10:00 in the morning in a point located in the mounts of Gardunha, at the spanish-portuguese border: This is what reported a Portuguese peasant to the newspaper Diaro de Lisboa, who, with three others of his comrades, worked in the area. A sphere appeared in the sky, in the east, claims the witness. It flew at an incredible speed and launched multicoloured flashes. It landed without noise at with 200 meters of us and two tall figures of approximately 2,50 meters went out of there. They looked like aluminium men. These visitors initially collected grasse and collected stones which they deposited in one limps of a plugging glare. Then, when they saw us, they came to us and emitted some sounds. Face with our incomprehension, they invited us by gestures to go up in their machine. On our refusal, they went up in the craft which took off vertically and disappeared towards the south as quickly as it had arrived. The witness specified that only the "poles" of the sphere rotated and that the equatorial part was transparent and let see moving shades inside.

[On the next day, it was discovered that the above story was a hoax. This newspaper informed its readers about this. Case file here.]


Mr. Robert Patient, 35, assistant inspector of the P.T.T. [State post and phone company], resident of Bourges, which, Thursday evening, was driving to Fasselay with his wife and children of eleven and ten years, stated to have seen this night, in the hamlet of Jou, in the north of Bourges, an extremely brilliant object, seeming to go down in a field. At the point of the supposed landing, an reddish reflection appeared. An incandescent filament of a fifty meters length approximately was in the center of the hemispherical object, whose diameter approached approximately fifteen meters. During twenty to thirty seconds, it was all dark. Suddenly, there was a new gleam above the horizon. Mr. Patient, who had stopped his car, started it again, followed silently during a few hundreds meters by the object which then disappeared. Other witnesses of Bourges, Saint-Dolchard and Vierzon claim to have seen a luminous object at concordant hours.

[Case file here.]

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