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UFOs in the daily Press:

Venusian visits Michigan, 1959:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Press-Gazette, of Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, June 26, 1959.


Somewhere along the shore of Lake Huron (Near Wisconsin-USA) I found a story I could not decline. I had halted my little canoe and hiked overland to a filling station. The station proprietor invited me to his home nearby for a cup of coffee and to meet his 12 year old son and pretty wife.

After a general discussion of our experiences, he asked if I had seen any unidentified flying objects. I grinned. "Well" he said, "it isn't so funny. See that island out there?" (He indicated a small island offshore). "That is a frequent landing place for a flying saucer." His tonen was serious, his attitude and speech sensible. I questioned him further. I must admit at this point I had some skepticism, but my informant had every indication of being a man of good sense and sound judgment. "Yes, I have gone out to the island to watch the flying saucers land and take off. I have seen them many times and so has my wife and son." I glanced at them with a nod of "confirmation" from both. "Have you seen the creatures in the flying saucers?", I asked. "I certainly have. I know one of them. They looked like you and me. They can speak English perfectly through a sort of sing-song manner. They are tall and quite strong and live for hundreds of years. "Where do they come from?", I asked. "These particular ones come from Venus," he said. "They have friends on Earth like me, and they visit us. Those who can believe have been selected by a process only they know. Skeptics are avoided. They want to spread the peace. They are vitally interested in our aims and attempts at interplanetary travel, because anything that happens on our planet effects other planets.

He added that about 25 Venusians were on the saucer and he saw them many times. The wife and son solemnly stated they had seen them too.

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