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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper Paris-Normandie, France, on October 5, 1954.

Were the meteors seen on sunday flying saucers?

Sunday evening around 21 o'clock, on the heights which border the St Hilaire church, walkers saw three meteors located one above the other, "like the steps of a staircase". They seemed to be stopped above the Seine, opposite the St Catherine hill. Suddenly, one of them moved at a vertiginous speed in the direction of the witnesses. It seemed to take height and grew a lot. Its shape was that of a gigantic neon tube, the light it emitted became of an intense yellow. It tilted as if to veer, went away towards the Seine and disappeared...

The two other meteors had gone. All had happened without the least noise. One of the witnesses, an electrician of the general old people's home of Rouen living the St Hilaire district, was going back home in company of his wife and son when his attention was drawn by neighbors on this phenomenon that he describes to us.

Should it be believed that three flying saucers had been mislead in the sky of Rouen?

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