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UFOs in the daily Press:

Soviet Scientists decry UFO tales, 1953:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper New York Times, New York, USA, on January 24, 1953.



Special to the New York Times.

MOSCOW, Feb. 29 -- The Soviet Union's top-ranking academy of sciences acted today to quash a recent flurry of interest here in flying saucers.

The academy's leading astronomers and physicists scorned recurring reports of unidentified flying objects as "unscientific sensationalism".

The scientists declared that mysterious objects sighted in the sky could be explained as optical illusions from reflected light or as mistaken reactions to aircraft and weather balloons.

In what seemed to be an effort to calm any Soviet citizen made nervous by rumors of strange objects in the sky, the scientists declared:

"All objects flying over the territory of our country are identified either by scientists or by (military) men standing guard over the security of our motherland."

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