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UFOs in the daily Press:

U-K. UFO was weather balloon, 1953:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper New York Times, New York, USA, on November 20, 1953.



Air Ministry Believes 'Thing' Was Meteorological Balloon

Special to the New York Times.

LONDON, Nov. 19 -- The "Thing" that Royal Air Force pilots and Army radar operators saw over southern England seventeen days ago may have been nothing more than a meteorological observation balooon, an Air Ministry spokesman said today. Newspapers today published a number of "flying saucers" stories.

The Air Ministry said that on the day this objects were seen a balloon about twelve feet in diameter was sent up near the south coast.

"Underneath the balloon is a small parachute and also a triangular shaped object which is a specially designed metal radar reflector," it was explained. "This is to give a very strong echo on a radar screen, as strong an echo as would be given by a four-engined bomber."

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