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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in Ingré, France, 1982:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Nouvelle République, France, le 27 janvier 1982.



A curious "undetermined" object observed by two gendarmes on patrol on the highway

On patrol on the motorway where they were traveling in the Paris-province direction, two gendarmes from the motorway platoon observed a curious phenomenon for a long time on Saturday around 4 a.m. While the night was still perfectly dark, they saw an object which they described as "indeterminate" of "indefinite" shape but rather long, whitish-gray in color but which emitted no shine. However, the ground seemed to illuminate in the axis of its displacement more or less in the direction of the highway from north to south. The testimonies of the two gendarmes who differ on some details (exact shape of the phenomenon, speed of movement, distance from the ground) are identical in this respect. They also ended up stopping on the side of the road to observe more seriously what, obviously, could hardly be a mirage. Gradually, it faded to disappear towards the east while they returned to the station to transmit their "visions" to the group of study of the unidentified aerospace phenomena in Toulouse.

Besides the fact that the sighting was made by two perfectly trustworthy witnesses. There is a disturbing coincidence in this case: on January 17, a resident of Ingré reportedly also saw a bizarre object moving in the sky. Indeed, it was also in Ingré that the gendarmes were when they noted the fact. Anyone who can explain it will no doubt be welcome to the motorway peloton.

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