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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord-Matin, Nord - Pas-de-Calais, France, page 10, on October 3, 1954.


After the saucers and cigars

Here is the "flying mushroom"
but impossible to approach it

Bernard Goujon, roadmender of the Ponts et Chaussées at Coulommiers, and his work companion, Armand Pichet, will now believe in "flying saucers" or at least in "flying mushrooms". Here is why:

"Thursday evening, said Goujon, we were picking, Pichet and I, on the road from Maisoncelles, to Meaux, near the Quincy-Voisins airfield, when, around 5 p.m., 500 meters from us, here we see a kind of huge mushroom shining like aluminum."

Bernard Goujon is a strong fellow, 30 years old, colorful, certainly not too inclined to hallucinations and who is not afraid of anything. While his comrade is hiding in a ditch, he rushes across fields towards the apparatus:

"As I went on, he explained, I could see it more clearly: it looked like a big mushroom three meters in diameter, resting on three crutches. On the upper part was a cabin in which three portholes were fitted out."

Still running, Goujon arrives about 150 meters from the craft and that's when the "thing" happened:

"Suddenly," he said, "I felt completely stopped in spite of myself. I felt electric tingles all over my body, my eyesight blurred and... I experienced the prettiest fear of my life."

Thirty or forty seconds passed, then the craft rose slowly, turned on itself and disappeared at full speed without noise, flames or smoke.

Goujon's story was confirmed not only by his comrade Pichet, but also by many cyclists who passed on the road and who, too, observed the extraordinary apparatus.

A flying cigar
landed in Blanzy

Yesterday, around 1 p.m., MM. Burato and Bastiani, Blanzy residents, aged 20, saw, 100 meters from the road where they were traveling, a shell-shaped object, brown in color, posed in plowed land. The craft emitted a fairly soft hissing sound. This is what caught their attention.

Suffocated by this apparition, they nonetheless dismounted to get a closer look, but the craft suddenly rose vertically and disappeared at breakneck speed.

"It was not an optical illusion," said MM. Burato and de Bastiani, who are perfectly balanced young people, excellent cyclists well known in Burgundy, moreover.

A saucer close

to Avesnes-lez-Aubert

Two residents of Avesnes-lez-Aubert, both driving in their cars, saw in the night, a glow some 40 or 50 meters in the fields, at the place called "Le Champ des Alouettes", on the road from Saint-Hilaire, to Avesnes-lez-Aubert.

They are certain that they did not dream. They are not jokers and, moreover, they are considered to be perfectly balanced.

A written question
to the Ministry of Air

In a written question, Jean Nocher, MP for Loire, told the Air Secretary of the emotion aroused in the public by the many and various testimonies about the "flying saucers."

He asked him "if his predecessors at the Secretary of State for Air had been concerned, as in the United States and the USSR for many years, to open an investigation into the presence in our atmosphere of unidentified flying objects."

"If so, he asks him for the publishable results of these investigations. If not, he asks him to set up a commission widely extended to all the concerned scientific branches, in order to objectively study this phenomenon by revealing the truth from the errors or possible mystifications."

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