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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord-Matin, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France, page 6, on October 2, 1954.


Ballet of "saucers"
in the sky of the Ardèche

M. Joseph Habrat, a farmer in the Perrets district, in Lamps [sic], not far from Tournon (Ardèche), observed, in the sky, last night, a veritable ballet of "flying saucers".

He had first noticed a green light moving slowly, towards Valence. Then the luminous craft began to move at full speed in various directions and finally came to a stop.

The farmer then called his daughter Yvette who until now "had refused to believe in flying saucers".

Like her father, Yvette was able to observe the luminous craft, which advanced, it seemed, up to about 500 meters from them. A little later, a dozen craft came to join the first and sketched with it quite a ballet, before disappearing in the direction of the East.

Shortly after, three craft appeared again, then disappeared in the same direction as the previous ones.

12 little satellite cigars

Also, two people declared to have seen a luminous craft, in the sky, in Rixheim. Using binoculars, they found that it had the shape of a long cigar, a dozen small satellites surrounded it. A night shift railway worker said he observed the same phenomenon.

A saucer in Caudry

Friday morning, around 6:45 a.m., three workers, including two masons and a carpenter, were on their way to Caudry, on their way to their work place, when they saw a original machine, oval in shape, pale pink in color, very bright, leaving behind an absolutely dazzling trail.

This "flying saucer" seemed to fly over national road 29 and was heading towards Le Cateau.

One of these workers, Mr. Victor Lebon, 43, mason, living in Quiévy, is affirmative in his statements. The other two, one of whom is domiciled in Saint-Hilaire-lez-Cambrai, preferred to remain anonymous, but concurred.

Surrounded by vertical rods

It should also be noted that two residents of the commune of Foussignargues, near Bessègues, declared that they had seen, in a meadow, near their house, in the night from Sunday to Monday, a bright red luminous craft, surrounded by vertical rods.

Many people also saw, in Pau, in the sky at very high altitude, a mysterious craft in the shape of a long and shiny balloon. The object came from the South and was heading towards the North West.

Finally, Mr. Raymond Deloire, 20, agricultural worker in Langeron (Nièvre), who was riding a bicycle, on the road to Saint-Pierre-le-Moutiers, saw in the sky a mysterious object of semi-spherical shape emitting, at the front, a bright orange glow, flames gushed from the rear. The craft moved without noise, with great speed, in direction of the North-East.

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