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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord-Matin, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France, page 10, on September 24, 1954.


Will the "flying saucers'
file be opened?

The file on flying saucers was considerably enriched in a few days. Since the appearance of the "flying cigar" in the sky of Rome, which moreover gives rise to an official investigation, many witnesses, reliable, have made concordant accounts on identical observations which they made a little everywhere above French territory.

The famous actress Michèle Morgan, herself, noticed above the Esplanade des Invalides two "luminous globes" of which she claims that they were neither an optical illusion nor a known type of craft.

In a written question to the Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, Mr. de Léotard, deputy for the Seine, requests that a scientific investigation be opened and that the public be informed.

"Flying bus"
in the Moselle

At 9:15 p.m., Sunday evening, Mr. Louis Moll, country guard at Oberdorff (Moselle), saw, he says, a mysterious craft landing in the neighboring village of Tromborn:

"It was, he said, the shape of a small bus. For 40 seconds, watch in hand, I observed it when it had just landed, I thought I saw black dots move inside the craft, which was lit. Then the "bus" rose vertically without noise and disappeared.

in the Seine-et-Marne
in the Indre
and in the Hérault

Wednesday, around 8 p.m. a butcher of Ponthierry (S.-et-M.), Mr. Rabot, was driving by car on the national road n° 7, when he saw a craft of spherical shape, luminous, from where escaped also bright smoke.

Mr. Rabot stopped in front of the house of Ponthierry's trainer, who went out with his wife. For long minutes, the trio observed the craft, which made back and forth movements, then disappeared in the clouds at full speed. Mr. Rabot and the trainer are known in Ponthierry as very serious people.

Two gendarmes, MM. Courtaud and Peninon, returning from tour on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, said they saw in the sky, above the town of La Fleuranderie (Indre), a luminous craft immobilized at 1,500 meters of height approximately.

Finally, three residents of Lodève, perfectly trustworthy, claim to have seen a "flying cigar" above the city conform to the description of the one who moved on September 18 in the sky of Rome.

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