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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord Littoral, Calais, France, page 2, on October 15, 1954.


A baker boy from Calais tells us:

"I saw, posed on the railway track near
St-Pierre Halte at 3:40 in the morning,
a yellow and shiny object!

DECIDEDLY flying saucers like railways and... baker boys. Indeed, we remember first of all this bizarre craft which reportedly landed in Quarouble, in the Nord, on a railway track.

We also remember the strange encounter at three in the morning, which this baker boy from the Finistère:

- A Martian with a hairy face came to hit me on the shoulder before getting back into his saucer!

And now in Calais, another baker boys reportedly also saw on the railway, while he was going to his work, an enigmatic craft which had chosen the railway which goes from Calais to Dunkirk, very close to Saint-Pierre-Halte, to land.


Mr. Elie Théry, 43, father of three, living at 151, rue de la Route de Saint-Omer, in le Virval, is a baker boy at Mme Quartier's, whose store is located along the old Route de Gravelines, in Calais.

- He has been working with us for two years already, confided to us his boss. He is a conscientious and very serious worker. If he tells you what he saw, it's the truth, he wouldn't invent things like that. By the way, when he got here, he told us about it.

But let's listen to Mr. Théry speaking:

- I had just left the house. It was around 3:40 a.m. I was driving on the Route de Saint-Omer, between Le Virval and the Gare de Saint-Pierre-Halte. My moped was rolling at high speed. I was going to start the turn to start on Chemin Castre. The night was fine enough and the moon was bright enough to distinguish quite far ahead. As I was about to cross the railway crossing, my attention was automatically drawn and I turned my head to the left.

"What I saw then amazed me: about fifty meters from me, on the railroad straightforwardly, on the side of Coulogne, where the trains from Dunkirk go or return from there, I saw a semi-spherical shape.

"I said to myself: Well, this is a curious construction on the railway. The mass was about two meters high, three or four wide. It spanned the track, I repeat. Its color was a very bright yellow!".


Curious detail: M. Théry did not stop:

"One thing surprises me now that I think about it. At the time I hardly thought of a flying saucer or something like that because this problem hardly interested me. I only realized 300 meters further on, when I was driving on Chemin Castres. I don't know what I thought but I didn't even have the idea to go back. Why? Well, because thinking while driving, I had moved farther and farther away from Saint-Pierre-Halte, and then again my work was waiting for me at four o'clock in the morning. Add to this, if you want, some apprehension!

Mr. Théry does not get carried away in his conclusions:

"Above all, don't say outright that I saw a flying saucer. No, I'm more down to earth than that. I only told you what I saw, that's all. Any conclusions? Smarter ones could not have any and I just say: it was an extremely curious thing!

Obviously, on the spot one can't see anything anymore, because for a few days a lot of trains have passed.

We published for information Mr. Théry's statements, the good faith of whom is beyond doubt.

[Photo caption:] Mr. Théry shows us the place where "the craft was posed."
- It was like a kind of bridge, round in shape and bright yellow.


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