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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord-Eclair, Roubaix, Nord, France, page 2, le 5 octobre 1954.



Fifty residents of Chéreng who participated Sunday evening, at the feast of the hamlet l'Autour, attended an extraordinary display that the program had not foreseen: the maneuvers of a mysterious craft.

All are adamantly saying: "We saw a flying saucer".

We certainly would not have reported this fact if we had not carried out an investigation in the locality and heard serious witnesses in the statements cannot be doubted.

The event occurred shortly before 8:00 p.m. Mr. Fiolet, director of the boys' school, told us about this: "I was chatting with a few people in Mr. Coyat's cafe when we heard a slight buzzing sound.

Nobody paid attention to this unusual noise; a few minutes passed... suddenly two of my pupils, Jean-Marc Delerue and Gérard Mullier rushed towards me, shouting: "Come see, Mister! A flying saucer."

Everyone was about to laugh when the word "saucer" pronounced by the crowd who, outside, was attending the party, came to our ears.

That's when we went out.

A curious display presented itself to our eyes: around fifty people, eyes wide, staring at the horizon. About five hundred meters away, a reddish object seemed to rest on the ground.

"We ran towards the place chosen for this "landing" but the "saucer" rose, stabilized and moved horizontally.

"Skeptical, I first thought of a quarter moon, but, looking at the calendar, I noticed that the next quarter moon should only occur on Tuesday.

"Some people will tell you they saw two flying cigars!

"This is incorrect: this is an optical effect that I will explain to you quickly.

"All the people who witnessed the moves of the craft from the start noticed that the central part of the "saucer" went out for a moment, leaving only the two elongated parts located opposite and on the other side of the central bulge."

"All of these operations took place with a slight humming sound."

Mrs Mouveaux, born Delattre, employed at the Duquennoy and Lepers establishments, made the same statement.

Other people whose enumeration would be too long gave substantially similar comments.

On Monday, Mr. Fiolet questioned his students. Those who were present during the apparition gave information that still matches.

The young Jean-Claude Delmotte made an unexpected revelation: "I saw "one" on Thursday, but I didn't tell about it, one would have laughed at me; the one I saw left traces."

"The testimony of this schoolboy, Mr. Fiolet told us, can be taken into consideration, because he is a very serious and intelligent child".

This "saucer" - identical to that of Sunday, according to little Jean-Marc Delmotte - would have landed in a field between the path of la Chapelle and the wood of Chéreng.

Traces having the shape of the fins used by underwater swimmers are still visible on the ground.

The gendarmes who closely follow these events will no doubt check certain statements today, as well as the suspicious traces.

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