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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954Swiss Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Impartial, La Chaux-de-Fond, Switzerland, page 1, on August 27, 1954.



This time the case of the saucers becomes serious...

Almost as serious as if you had ten or twenty to pay at the restaurant.

As long as the saucers, in fact, were only rampant in the USA, South America and even in Germany, one could wear a doubtful smile ...

But now we discover them in German-speaking Switzerland!

Tomorrow they may land at Pouillerel or in the Freiberger, on these small private airfields... or those little quiet corners., Etc. So will we have proof that the flying saucers are not a creation of the mind but something invented by the ingenious inhabitants of another planet to come and see what is happening here. A little indiscreet, nevertheless, the saucer! But what a discovery, the day when one of them landson the Place Neuve and when its captain would make his statement at the office of "The Impar" with prayer to warn people "Tomorrow! Saucers Evening on the Place du Gaz! Free Demo. Guaranteed amazement..."

What really makes me believe in these mysterious machines is that "in the offices of Berne, it is estimated that the issue deserves consideration"...

If Berne gets involved and authenticates visions, then it can not be spoken of mystification or joke. Think of it!

"Official offices" will study the question of the saucers. No doubt we will first appoint a commission; then a policeman follow; and the warden will be responsible to verbalize. Always assuming that the saucer goes slower than the Oberland residents or has an accident by taking the low contour of the Vuedes Alps. The positive mind will then judge leisurely about the problems posed by these lens-shaped craft that never land or move away rapidly when approached.

Afterwards, there will always be time enough to take the necessary steps ranging from immediate receivership to a new traffic law, with saucers crosswalks, right-side priority and regulatory speeds in major cities, all scheduled for year 2000...

Father Piquerez.

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