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UFOs in the daily Press:

Adamski in the French Press, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, page 5, on November 2, 1954.

At the heart of the mystery of flying saucers

"You'll blow up the earth"

"Where are you from?" asked Adamski to the strange creature. The latter did not seem to understand.

The American then tried to transmit his question to him by telepathy accompanied by expressive gestures. It is thus, he assures us, that he learned that the stranger came from Venus, that he had no hostile intention towards men, and was particularly interested in their atomic research.

The explosions of bombs had indeed disturbed the space, and the Venusian came to warn the men that they risked destroying the earth by multiplying their experiences. The Venusian taught him also that the earth would expect to see many interplanetary visitors land on its soil. All the planets of our solar system, and planets of other systems, are inhabited, he assured. All beings of these unknown worlds have our form, he explained again, and if their bodies die, their mind continues to live. On these telepathic remarks, the Venusian took leave. Adamski Wanted to follow him to the saucer. The machine was translucent and the sun was reflected on the surface, it radiated of magnificent colors. A kind of lens emitting a strange light, topped the device. But when Adamski tried to approach the saucer, an electric discharge pushed him back. Unusual detail, before leaving, the Venusian asked Adamski to give him the film of the camera. Adamski could not refuse this to his new friend. The latter then climbed back into his saucer: which soon disappeared into space. The adventure ended three days later, on the 23rd November at 9 am. The interplanetary spacecraft then appeared above Mount Palomar, approached the ground near Adamski's house, a hand came out of the porthole and threw the film box. Once the film was developped, it was found out that the original photo had been erased and replaced by a strange drawing, a symbolic message. Adamski reconstructed by drawing the portrait of his Venusian and up to the footprint left by his weird moccasins. His friends had followed the first meeting with binoculars, and recorded this incredible account under oath. But only few scientists have faith in this story for now.

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