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UFOs in the daily Press:

Saucer landing trace in a LunÚville garden, France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est RÚpublicain, France, page 5, on October 22, 1954.

See the case file here.

Strange findings make wonder whether the mysterious celestial visitors are interested in the LunÚville country

LunÚville (from our editorial office). -- Since the news is about flying saucers, it seems interesting to us to recount a recent finding made in the neighborhood of LunÚville and which left all those who have realized its existence puzzled, for the fact is rather strange. A craftsman from LunÚville, Mr. E. S., owns a ground on the territory of Rehainviller, near LunÚville, between a railway and the Meurthe. Having gone there on Wednesday, at the end of the afternoon, he had noticed something rather surprising: his vegetable garden was ransacked at one place, while the rest was intact.

The craftsman having communicated his weird discovery to his entourage, it was thought that it was good to conduct an investigation.

This was done yesterday and findings were made on the spot. The terrain, which is on the edge of a dirt road, is about forty meters in length. At its end, on A trapezoidal surface of about 4 by 5 meters, the carrots and onions planted there are completely flattened, as if a heavy mass had landed.

Another phenomenon: towards the middle of this trapezoid, in two triangles and also one meter distant , the vegetation has absolutely not suffered. Finally, over a distance of just under two meters in the lower part of the trapezius, the plants were blown in the same way as they would have been by the exhaust gases of an engine.

Those are the facts. They are all the more surprising because no trace of footsteps or wheels could be found in the immediate vicinity and in the neighboring fields seeded with rye. Moreover, the Vegetables had not been crushed along the way, which seems to rule out the hypothesis of a trickery.

It is certain that many questions can be asked because, according to the findings, one has the impression that a mass has descended from the sky, vertically, to come to rest at this place. It should be added that the investigators could not find anyone who, recently in the region, saw any craft.

On his side, the LunÚville resident did not go on his property for a few days. Are we, this time, in the presence of celestial visitors who would be interested in the borough?

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