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UFOs in the daily Press:

Italy, 1954 - Pursued by the Martians he found refuge in the lunatics asylum:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, page 1, on October 20, 1954.

It had to happen...

Pursued by the Martians an Italian found refuge in the lunatics asylum.

Livorno. - "They persecute me... They came to get me... I saw them land in a field. Large and small saucers. Lights and smoke - The Martians... The Martians..." It is by shouting these pieces of sentences, expressing his deep agitation, that Mr. Bruno Senesi, 34, reported to the hospital in Livorno, asking to be helped. But when the nurse returned With the doctor on duty, Senesi had disappeared. He was found hiding under a bed, shaken by violent shivers, his expression leaving no doubt about the terror that tormented him, and he shouted at the Doctor: "Here they are... They are coming..." The nurses offered him their protection against the Martians and Senesi, the first Italian victim of the psychosis of the "flying saucers" was locked in the lunatics asylum of Livorno.

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