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UFOs in the daily Press:

1954 saucers and cigars in France and Italy:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, page 7, on October 18, 1954.


Vagrant, poacher or "Martian"?

A strange being, half-man half-monkey, had a nap in the shade of the tall trees

Paris. -- The flying saucers continue their infernal round, but it seems that the French are not alone any more about "celestial visions". The majority of the news relating to the mysterious machines came indeed from Italy during the weekend.

Sharp eyes, but no ears

They were walking in the woods of Uzelles, Saturday afternoon, when they saw a strange being lying across a path. Despite their fright, they took the time to watch it close enough to give the description.

He was the size of a man, but his body was covered with abundant hairs and of brown color. He had a round, hairy head, but no ears and excessively sharp eyes.

"He motioned us with his arm twice," they added, "but since we were not reassured, we did not dare to pass in front of him, and we made a tour of nearly two kilometers to avoid him".

Two children who were with the farmers also brought a very accurate description.

Alerted, the farmers armed themselves with their hunting rifles and looked for him, but in vain.

Two visions among so many others

In the Ille-et-Vilaine, in Paramé, a plasterer said that on Saturday night, around 7:45 pm, he saw two luminous disks which ascended and descended into the sky at an extraordinary speed. A third luminous disc seemed to follow a line parallel to the horizon at a much slower pace than the other two. The discs, as they moved away, left behind them a tail similar to that of a comet.

Finally, the Issoire-le-Broc airfield staff and Chief Pilot Hébaut, who was in flight, observed a brilliant machine, of circular form, which hovered for nearly two hours at very high altitude, before moving slowly towards the west.

Four cases (of Martians) in the clouds

Near Varese, several motorists saw a disc of blue color, standing out against the background of the starry sky. After stopping for a few minutes, it resumed its dizzying course to the north, disappearing with a "characteristic" snoring. During the night, the strange luminous object appeared a second time in the same celestial space.

From Turin, it is reported that several workers in an establishment in the industrial zone of Mirafiori saw a "luminous object" in the shape of a cigar, on the background of the sky. The "cigar" remained motionless in the sky for one hour, during which, according to the witnesses, it changed from time to time in shape and luminosity. The craft disappeared heading vertiginously towards France. From Messina, we learn that many people living on both sides of the strait separating the peninsula from Sicily saw a "luminous circle" motionless in the sky, at 2,000 meters.

The machine, which could be observed for ten minutes, descended quickly to the sea to resume altitude three times. After these maneuvers, the "luminous circle" disappeared going towards the Etna, leaving behind a luminous trail.

Expert opinion of an Italian scientist

All these appearances were the subject of a statement to the press by Professor Antonio Eula, Holder of the Aerodynamics Chair at the University of Rome. This eminent scholar said among other things: "We do not fully know the mysteries of our solar system, but we know already that beings like us cannot exist on the planets currently known. If they exist, they cannot be deeply different. So it is absurd to speak of Martians capable of activities of a human nature." And the Professor concluded that once cannot definitely claim that they are "experimental devices intended for military and protected by an impenetrable secret."

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