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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Espoir, Nice, France, le 16 octobre 1954.


The "saucers" sighted in Italy are dangerous

They burn the place where they land

ROME. - Many mysterious craft were sighted yesterday in the Italian sky.

One of these craft landed near Rovigo, in the so-called place Po di Gnocca area, where several people observed it.

The apparatus of circular shape after slowly hovering, landed on the ground without a sound.

After being motionless a few minutes, it resumed its flight, vertically and silent, but at the place where it had taken off, there is now a fairly deep crater, six meters in diameter. Six poplar that grow there were also charred.

The authorities will go to the scene to verify the authenticity of eyewitness accounts.

Around Modane, a trader saw a glowing "flying cigar" fly at two hundred meters in altitude. After a brief stop, the apparatus reportedly wen to the northwest. This observation was confirmed by other witnesses.

Finally, a shimmering silver "flying saucer" flew over the area of Luine at 5,000 meters. Witnesses of this observation stated that the "saucer" did not make any noise and emitted no smoke. It disappeared in the direction of Switzerland.


Perpignan. -- Mr. Damien Sigučres, 58-year-old, a retired Customs officer stated to have seen on the road near his home in the suburbs of Perpignan, a large red sphere. From this, came a tall man, dressed like a diver.

Having toured the apparatus, the "diver" rushed back inside as the Mr. Sigučres' two dogs rushed toward him.

The craft then rose silently and disappeared at a prodigious speed.

Mr. Sigučres was then about thirty meters of the craft, of which no traces were found on the ground.

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