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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Républicain Lorrain, France, on October 10, 1954.

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The presence of a "saucer" excites a locality near Metz

But there was a more natural and somewhat unexpected explanation

METZ. -- Certainly these stories of flying saucers that humans share work very much on the minds if we judge by this authentic adventure that happened to the residents of an amiable locality east of Metz whose name we will hide by understandable discretion.

On Friday evening the brave communal roadmender returned from his work when he perceived a motionless dark mass at the top of a hill, but from which powerful rays of light were emitted. He also noticed a lighter gleam appearing to come from the inside of the craft, for it could only be a mysterious craft, and on that luminous background, vague silhouettes.

Preferring not to approach alone, the roadmender went in haste to alert friends, who thought it more prudent to alert the gendarmerie. The matter was serious, and the Law Enforcement people decided to go to the spot. The most courageous of the residents joined the gendarmes, and a relatively large group made its way to the landing place.

As they approached, the newly arrived noticed that the information of the roadmender was accurate. The machine was visible with its two luminous beams. In order to capture the "saucer" it was decided to encircle it. The maneuver was executed in silence. Soon with the emotion that one guesses, the group arrived near the machine.

But when the lamps and lanterns were directed at it, the disappointment was great. It was only an honest car stopped all headlights on and inside, lighted by the ceiling lamp, two young married people in gallant conversation...

To add anything would be superfluous...

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