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UFOs in the daily Press:

The sighting from Mont Ventoux, France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, on October 17, 1954.


An unknown machine located
in the sky by the observatory
of the Mount Ventoux

Orange (C.P.)

The observatory of the Mont-Ventoux announces that since this morning 8 a.m. in the East - North - East, in the direction of Orange, an unknown craft passes in the sky.

This apparatus has all the form of an ovoid with two superimposed cones connected by a kind of antenna.

It appeared to evolve/move very slowly at a 4.000 meters height, at approximately two kilometers from the station.

It is thought that it is a sounding device; which one could observe with leisure until 5 p.m.

After what it disappeared.

In addition, many farmers occupied with the agricultural work, between Camaret and Serignan, stated to have seen a "shining object" in the sky. They were unable to identify it.

The object had a lengthened form and seemed to change color, passing from the red to the green and conversely.

This appearance could be the same one as that announced by the military observatory of the Mont-Ventoux to the airport of Marignane.

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