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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 Fench saucer flap:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Populaire du Centre, France, le on October 15, 1954.


A "flying saucer" lands in Toulouse and three witnesses see a strange being emerge

In Montluçon, a railwayman calls a "Martian"

Toulouse, October 14 (A.F.P.). -- A small diver with a large head compared to the body, huge eyes, such is the description just made by a resident of Toulouse, Mr. Oliver, of a mysterious personage who descended from a strange machine that he saw yesterday at 7:15 p.m., on a vacant lot.

Mr. Olivier, who owns the Javel Netto establishments in Toulouse, was accompanied by an employee, Mr. Perano, and a young boy of about fifteen. All three saw the luminous apparatus, of spherical shape and reddish color, and then perceived coming to them this "personage" whose scuba, the witnesses said, shone like glass.

Subsequently, M. Olivier drew with a chalk, in an approximate manner, on a door, the diver. "I did not believe in it," Perano said, "but I saw it just as I see you. It's a shock."

After a very short time, about a minute, the diver returned to his flying saucer, which flew vertically without noise into the sky at a prodigious speed, throwing a wake of fire.

Due to the night no finding could be made at the place where the machine was said to have landed.

Near the Cher in Montluçon

The flying saucers file has been increased with several testimonies, the most important being that of an employee at the Montluçon railway station, Mr. Laugère, who made contact on Sunday evening with an individual from a craft in the form of a torpedo.

Mr. Laugere left his work and crossed the tracks near the bridge of the S.N.C.F. on the road "Le Cher" when he saw a metallic machine posed at a short distance from the gas oil tank intended for the fueling of railcars. By the side of the apparatus, which had the shape of a torpedo, and could be four meters in diameter, there was a man, all covered with hair, unless he were dressed in a long-haired coat.

Mr. Laugere, surprised, asked him what he was doing. The unknown replied in unintelligible terms, but the railwayman thought he distinguished the words "gas oil".

Mr. Laugere did not ask him for anything more, and went to alert his comrades. As soon as he had gone a hundred yards, he saw the apparatus rise vertically without any noise. It soon disappeared before his eyes. Only the fear of the irony of his comrades had prevented him, till today, from telling his adventure.

A "saucer" in the Corrèze

Mr. Jean-Pierre Bartarange, a farmer in La Roche-de-Vic, in the commune of Albussac (Correze) saw a flying saucer throwing fires of several colors. It was flying at low altitude.

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