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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Nouveau Nord Maritime, France, page 1, on August 25, 1954.

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Flying saucers in the sky of Vernon (Eure)

Several people describe them with precision

EVREUX, 24. -- Mysterious craft were seen by several people in the sky of Vernon (Eure) during the night from Sunday to Monday.

The son of a town merchant claims to have seen distinctly, around one o'clock in the morning, above the Seine, an elongated object, red in color, resembling a large cigar. According to him, this object stood motionless at a fairly low height. The silence was total.

From this curious machine, a flying saucer detached, which the witness describes with precision:

"It was shaped like an oval disc, dark in color, surmounted by a red dome with a very bright halo surrounded by flames."

The flying saucer detached from the cigar, fell vertically, then seemed to want to follow an horizontal flight over the bridge. It turned, went up and suddenly disappeared. It was immediately replaced by another.

This curious carousel reportedly lasted three quarters of an hour.

These observations were confirmed by several people and in particular by a chemical engineer of the laboratory of ballistic and atomic researches for the army, who followed, at the same hour, the National Road 182. The engineer observed the mysterious brilliant machines and decided, with the person accompanying him, that they could only be flying saucers.

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