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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Nouveau Nord Maritime, France, page 4, on October 20, 1954.



Paris, 19. -- The only new accounts of the overflight of France by mysterious craft come from the west.

In the Côtes du Nord, in Uzel, Mr. and Mrs. Perrichon said they saw an orange-colored flying saucer on Sunday evening. The same fact was observed in several neighboring municipalities.

In the Vendée in Pont l'Abbé d'Arnoult, a mysterious craft which rose vertically behind a hedge, has been seen by Mr. Meunier, site manager in a masonry company.

Finally, in Luçon, Mr. Boulineau observed a large luminous ball of which a crescent-shaped part was red in color. The ball was moving quickly rotating on itself and disappeared in seconds.

"Martians" love literature


Rome, 19. -- While flying saucers disdain England, they continue their dance in the Italian skies. In Capri, one of these mysterious craft landed on the terrace of the villa of the writer Curzio Malaparte.

It was a painter, Mr. Castello, who, during a night walk, carried out at Cape Massulo, saw a huge disc about five meters in diameter, which was moving at a hundred meters of altitude. The craft descended slowly and landed on the terrace of the writer's villa. Mr. Castello who at first thought it was a helicopter approached the summer residence of Curzio Malaparte and was very surprised to see four "men" of small stature descending from the disc. The passengers of the craft, who were wearing an outfit, remained around the disc for about half an hour.

"I had the impression, said the witness of this landing, that they did not speak, or they did so in a low voice, because from where I was, I could not hear no sound. What is certain is that bluish gleams kept coming out of the disc, like pins and lightning fast, going in all directions."

"After a while, about half an hour, the four "men" entered the disc which, with a slight purring sound, rose slowly, perpendicularly, and then quickly gained altitude".

The painter only has to paint on the canvas the fantastic scene he witnessed. The painting will sell for a good price. Its author will become famous as a "science fiction" specialist.

(This genre already has its writers and filmmakers. Why wouldn't it have its painters?).

And Mr. Castello will be happy and he will be making a lot of money. All this for having seen a saucer...


A farmer who ran his eyes to the sky falls into a pond

Lisieux, 19. -- Several people were running across fields in Moyeux, in the direction of a flying saucer, surrounded by white and black smoke, which had been reported to them by a child.

One of these people, a farmer, Mr. Filate, did not take his eyes off the sky: he fell into a deep pond where he almost drowned. His companions managed to save him.


Foix, 19. -- Following numerous appearances of flying machines of unknown type, currently reported in all regions of France, Mr. René Dejean, deputy of Ariège (socialist), addressed to Mr. the President of the Council a written question asking him in particular:

"Whether or not a service has been set up to collect the documentation existing to date and to study the nature and origin of the said machines; if the information currently obtained so far absolutely excludes the hypothesis of craft piloted or built by living beings of unknown species and origin; if the Government has, on the contrary, sufficient information to attribute the production of these craft to the industry of a foreign state; if in this last case the international agreements signed by France have already allowed consultations relating to the use of such craft in a possible conflict."

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