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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 1, on October 31, 1954.

A kid "chased"
"by a saucer"!

MONTLUCON. -- The gendarmes of Huriel came to collect the testimony of a farmer of Mesples, Mrs. Gentil, in the house of which a 14 year old schoolboy had sought refuge, exclaiming:

"Come quickly see, I'm afraid, a saucer is chasing me."

Mrs. Gentil went outside on her doorstepand did not see anything at all initially. However, scanning the sky, she saw in her turn a disc "three times as large as the sun, tinted of red and purple. The machine rotated quickly, then it disappeared suddenly".

Young Jean-Pierre Coudret, resident of Saint-Palais (the Allier), was going by motorbike to the complementary course at Huriel when, according to his claims, around 8 hours, he saw, at the exit of the borough of Mesples, a large disc facing the sun which suddenly started moving, approaching the grond at high speed.

The kid, puzzled, stopped to observe the phenomenon. The "saucer" - a weird fact - stood vertically and not in an horizontal position. It appeared as a large disc of silver color, sometimes haloed red, sometimes haloed purple and leaving in its wake a luminous trail.

The young schoolboy, more and more concerned, had the clear impression then that the machine dove towards him. Terrified, he climbed his motorbike and made half-turn, going towards Mesples, where he entered in the first farm.

A luminous machine crosses the sky of Vals-les-Bains

An object of round form emitting a sharp reddish-orange gleam crossed at a very high speed the sky of our city.

This phenomenon was seen by many inhabitants of the various districts of the city.

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