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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 12, on October 18, 1954.


Some saucers tours in the... Italian clouds

ROME. -- Various appearances of "cigars" and "flying saucers" were reported, during the day of Saturday, in the sky of various Italian localities.

Near Varese (Milano), several motorists saw a "disc", of blue color, clearly detached on the background of the starry sky, which, after having stopped during a few minutes, resumed its vertiginous race towards the north, disappearing with a "characteristic" whirr. During the night, the "strange luminous object" appeared a second time in the same celestial space.

From Turin, one reports that several workmen of an establishment of the industrial park of Mirafiori saw, in the evening, a "luminous object" in the shape of a cigar, on the background of the sky. The "cigar" remained motionless, in the sky, during one hour, during which, according to the witnesses, it allegedly changed shape and luminosity from time to time. The machine disappeared then, moving vertiginously towards France.

From Messina, one learns that many people living on two banks of the strait separating the peninsula from Sicily saw a "luminous circle", motionless in the sky, at 2.000 meters. The machine, which could be observed during ten minutes, descended quickly towards the sea to take again altitude on three occasions. After these maneuvers the "luminous circle" disappeared at fast pace in direction of the Etna, leaving a luminous trail behind.

The opinion of an Italian scientist

The "Giornale d'Italia" interviewed professor Antonio Eula, holder of the aerodynamics chair at the University of Rome.

This eminent scientist, in connection with the possible source of the machines known as from other planets, in declared in particular: "We do not know all the mysteries of our solar system. Perhaps astronautics, when it can be put into practice, will enable us to solve them. But we know, as of now, that beings similar to us cannot exist on currently known planets. If they exist, they can only be very different. Thus it is absurd to talk of Martians capable of activities of human type".

In answer to another question, professor Eula said he does not believe that he is authorized to exclude, in an absolute manner, that they can be "experimental machines intended for a military use and protected by an impenetrable secrecy".

In conclusion, the professor stated: "If this last assumption corresponds to reality, the moment will come when the secrecy will be revealed, for no secrecy of technical nature can be kept indefinitely."

A "saucer" said to have landed in Hyères

Two witnesses heard by the inspectors of the general Intelligence

TOULON. -- Two residents of Toulon, Misters Rappelini, bar owner, and Ottaviani, mechanic of the merchant navy, claim to have seen, Thursday evening, a saucer land in the district of the Long Chemin, near Hyères, and they give an absolutely identical description of it.

The brigade of the Air of the general Intelligence went to Toulon and lengthily heard the two witnesses, who produced a detailed sketch of the mysterious machine.

Yesterday morning, the inspectors of the general Intelligence went on the spot where the two witnesses state to have seen the saucer land. They found a large circular trace there where the grass is burned.

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