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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 saucer flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Journal du Pas-de-Calais et de la Somme, France, page 8, on November 1, 1954.


The saucers

"Flying saucers and other similar objects should be classified in the realm of ??fables."

This is the conclusion reached by the astronomers of the Utrecht Observatory.

After having read and studied about 4,000 letters they have received since 1947, in which there is talk of unusual objects or gleams in the sky, the astronomers of Utrecht declared that most of the people who believed see a flying saucer, have been misled either by traces of condensation from jet fighters, or by weather balloons, or by shooting stars or other natural phenomena.

The astronomers conclude by saying that these mistakes are due to the relatively short period of time during which such phenomena can generally be observed.

As for the possibility that the "saucers" are a human invention - either American or Russian - it is rejected by the astronomers of Utrecht who consider that such revolutionary craft would not be sent by their inventors over territories where they might fall. Furthermore, astronomers point out, such an invention would make all the research currently underway to improve conventional aircraft useless.

The last hypothesis put forward in the Netherlands to explain the phenomenon of the appearance of mysterious craft, is that the waves emitted by radio, radar and television transmitters can cause luminous effects if they come into contact with radioactive clouds or strongly ionized atmospheric layers.


Huriel's gendarmes came to collect the testimony of a Mesples farmer, Mrs. Gentil, in the house of which had sought refuge a 14-year-old schoolboy exclaiming:

"Come quickly to see, I'm afraid, a saucer is chasing me."

Madame Gentil left the door and saw nothing at first. However, scanning the sky, she saw in her turn a disc "3 times as big as the sun", tinged with red and purple. The craft spun quickly on its own, then it quickly disappeared.

The young Jean-Pierre Coubret, living in Saint-Palais (Allier), was riding a moped to go to the complementary course of Huriel, when, according to his assertions, around 8 a.m., he saw a large disc on the way out of the town opposite the sun which suddenly set in motion, approaching the earth at high speed.

The intrigued young boy stopped to observe the phenomenon. The "saucer", a particular fact, stood vertically and not in a horizontal position. It appeared in the form of a large disc of silver color, haloed sometimes in red, sometimes in purple and leaving in its wake a luminous trail.

The young schoolboy, more and more worried, then had the clear impression that the object was diving on him. Terrorized, he got on his moped and turned around, heading for Mesples, where he entered the first farm.

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