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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Journal de Rue, Rue, Somme, France, page 2, le 9 octobre 1954.



(Continued from the First Page)

And here are
and CIGARS of the same name
manifesting themselves
in our region

When the newspapers devote a long article to the appearance of Flying Saucers, many people shrug their shoulders thinking and sometimes even saying: "This is a joke!"

Admittedly on our behalf we are not very convinced of the existence of these craft. Yet disturbing facts have just occurred in our region.

Last Friday at 6:45 p.m., two young residents of Vron, aged 18, masons at the company Delpierre of Vron, were returning by bicycle from Ligescourt, where he had worked all day.

These two young men who named René Condette and Bernard Devoisin, were in the vicinity of La Caplette, a few kilometers from Ligescourt, when Devoisin, who was driving ahead, suddenly saw in the middle of the road, 150 meters of him, a mass with something on the left which was moving and which seemed to him to be an animal.

The young man thought of the flying saucers and alerted his comrade, who also saw while they were about 70 meters from it, the saucer flying away!


Our colleague Enderlin of "Le Courrier Picard" interviewed the two young masons. Devoisin told him that he saw a man he had first taken for a child and then for an animal. It looked like a diver, he said. I did not see him for long because he bypassed his craft which left immediately.

As for this craft, about 2 meters high, it was shaped like a beehive or a haystack and it was orange in color.

From the information we have gathered, it appears that Devoisin and Condette are two serious young people unable to forge a story of this kind. We can take the facts they told and who had disturbed them for that matter to be absolutely exact.


But here on their return, residents of our good city of Rue saw, with their eyes saw, not a saucer but a flying cigar. It is Mr. and Mrs. Galland, the well-known butchers on Caudron Avenue.

Last Sunday, in the evening, they were returning from Berck, by car, with their son Patrick.

Around 9:15 p.m., while they were on the old Pont à Cailloux, they saw in the sky a flying object, of orange color, having the shape of a cigar.

This craft descended about 200 meters from the ground and followed the road from Quend to Rue to Herre. It was flying silently and seemed to want to escort us, says Mr. Galland.

But when it got to Herre, it branched off to disappear from sight. We had the impression that it had landed on the ground.

M. Galland adds: I would have liked to search for it and find it to look at it more closely; but my wife and son were not very reassured. And we went back to Rue.

Let's add that the same evening and at the same time two truck drivers belonging to the Oscar Savreux company in Rue, MM. Georges Savary and Maurice Véron, as well as Madame Savary, saw in the foraine bleue, about 400 meters from Rue, a brilliant colored craft, in the shape of a top, which landed on the ground.

Mr. Savary wanted to approach it, but the top flew away vertically at an extraordinary speed.

So in two days two mysterious flying craft crisscrossed the sky of our region. Will we stop there and will we soon know what it is, where it comes from and what is the aim of these enigmatic craft?

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