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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Haut-Marnais Républicain, Chaumont, France, le 20 octobre 1954.


A flying saucer
of the writer VURZIO MALAPARTE

Rome. -- The flying discs continue their dance in the sky of the peninsula and, in Capri, one of these mysterious craft landed on the terrace of the villa of the writer Vurzio Malaparte.

It is a painter, Mr. Raffaele Castello, who during a walk at Cape Massulo, saw a huge disc of five meters in diameter, which was flying at a hundred meters.

The craft slowly descended and landed on the terrace of the villa of the writer. Mr. Castello, who initially thought it was a helicopter, approached the summer residence of Curzio Malaparte.

Great was his surprise to see four small men get down of the disc.

The passengers of the vehicle, who were dressed in overalls, remained around the disk for about half an hour.

"I felt, said the witness of this landing, that they were not talking. Or else, they spoke softly, because from where I was, I could not hear any sound.

"What is certain is that bluish glow escaped without stopping from the disc, like pins and as fast as lightning, going in all directions."

The four men returned to the disk; which in a gentle purr sound, rose slowly, perpendicular, and then quickly took altitude.


Lisieux. -- Several people ran through fields, in Moyeux, toward a flying saucer, surrounded by red and white light; which had been reported to them by a child. One of them, a farmer, Mr. Filate, only watched at the sky; he fell into a deep pond where he nearly drowned. His companions were able to save him.

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